JUST IN: LPM councillor burns party flag

Jemima Beukes
Gertjie Witbooi, Keetmanshoop rural constituency councillor, has accused Landless People's Movement (LPM) leader Bernadus Swartbooi of pushing a smear campaign against him.

According to Witbooi, this allegedly stems from his refusal to smuggle in Swartbooi's aunt as finance director in the //Kharas regional council while someone else has been recommended for this position.

Witbooi this afternoon set the party flag alight, while community and LPM members booed the party leadership at Aroab in protest of the treatment of Witbooi.

"They suspended me illegally from council meetings to push this thing. Yesterday they were in Koës where they told 47 people I am in bed with Swapo and today in Aroab they did the same. They are busy to weaken my name.

“I burnt the flag and those two pictures of Swartbooi. I was very angry that they don't talk to me. The last time he spoke to me was on the 18 January when he swore at my mother. I am working for my people. That is why they stood up for me," said Witbooi.

LPM national spokesperson Lifalaza Simataa said they will respond tomorrow.

“The party at this moment cannot comment, because we need to find out what is happening in Keetmanshoop at this moment. We will have a response by tomorrow,” he said.


Namibian Sun 2023-03-29

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