NEFF, still in Amushelelo’s corner despite countless arrests.edited
NEFF, still in Amushelelo’s corner despite countless arrests.edited

Jailbird Amushelelo still has NEFF backing

Elizabeth Joseph
Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) deputy president Kalimbo Iipumbu says the party will continue to back Michael Amushelelo - despite the controversy the activist constantly finds himself in.

He said the causes his actions should be questioned, but according to the party, Amushelelo is acting according to his portfolio as commissar.

"The party fully supports the actions of its member, Michael Amushelelo. We don't agree with actions that are against the law. Wherever we find workers who are mistreated, we will step in," he said during a telephonic interview with Namibian Sun yesterday.

Amushelelo was arrested last week for inciting public violence and/or malicious damage to property under the Riotous Assemblies Act.

This after he protested with City of Windhoek workers against low wages and poor working conditions.

He was arrested alongside street cleaners Immanuel Mbonda (33), Alfred Kashimbi Sabas (25) and Padelia Hamukwaya (54).

The strike turned destructive, with protesters emptying rubbish bins onto streets in the city centre.

Bail – again

Last Friday, public prosecutor Sylvia Kauluma said the State would refuse Amushelelo bail because he was inclined to commit further crimes.

The activist was, however, granted N$3 000 bail on Wednesday on condition that he steer clear of any similar offence. He has also been required to report to the Windhoek Central Police Station every Monday.

His co-accused were granted N$1 000 bail each.

At the time of his most recent arrest, Amushelelo was out on bail for a similar case in Walvis Bay.

‘Political liberation’

Iipumbu highlighted the work Amushelelo is doing for the "political liberation" of the Namibian people, and said he is doing the best he can.

"The government should start by ironing out discrepancies in equality because as it is, only a few benefit from political liberation and resources.

“When we [NEFF] stand in the street and cry, we don't cry for us, but for and with the people. Amushelelo as a commissar is doing the best he can," he said.

He further accused government of accepting bribes from foreigners and robbing locals of opportunities, thus prompting Amushelelo and other activists to get involved.

"The commissar is doing the right things. The party is and has always been one that takes care of the poor. We need such politically active people like Amushelelo, who act according to their portfolio," he said.


Namibian Sun 2023-03-29

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