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BRING IT ON: Leaked screenshots from the City of Windhoek WhatsApp group. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED
BRING IT ON: Leaked screenshots from the City of Windhoek WhatsApp group. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

‘Go to hell Kahungu’ – LPM’s Skrywer insults fellow councillors

Leaked WhatsApp screenshots have lifted the lid on the ugly political bickering taking place between City of Windhoek councillors, with Landless People’s Movement councillor Ivan Skrywer hurling insults at his fellow councillors during what seemed to have been a conversation about the appointment of Conrad Lutombi as the City's chief executive officer (CEO).

Skrywer accused Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillor Bernardus Araeb of falsely accusing mayor Sade Gawanas of having lied to the group about matters relating to Lutombi's appointment, including information provided to urban and rural development minister Erastus Uutoni.

The minister had asked the mayor to furnish him with the findings of an alleged investigation into alleged irregularities around the CEO recruitment process. However, before this, the mayor told the media that these findings had already been submitted to the minister.

Insiders also told the media that no investigation has been launched into these allegations.

Angry insults

On the WhatsApp group, Araeb appears to have shared the media reports, with which Skrywer took issue.

Skrywer also told former mayor Fransina Kahungu, who tried to tone down the conversation, to "go to hell", while implying that Araeb is a bitter and jealous 60-year-old man with no direction.

He then uploaded a picture of Gawanas attending a mayoral event and a panel discussion that took place in Johannesburg.

"I will share the link to the mayor’s panel soon, so the useless and bitter character can see Sade is on another level. A place in life he will never reach. While officials are here on this group, that useless Oupa is calling the mayor a liar. You people think we should be quiet about this? It will never happen, not while I am around," he wrote.

Skrywer also uploaded a picture of himself in a suit and tie at a coffee table, with the caption: "Useless Araeb, this is the future, and you are the past that never existed."

Araeb, however, told him that his wrath should be directed towards the media and not him, as they merely shared the media report.


Kahungu yesterday said Skrywer’s behaviour was shocking to her because this is not the person she knew; however, she said she had observed a change in his attitude in recent months.

"When people begin to lose focus and fail to deliver on their promises and mandates, then they opt to concentrate on non-issues. That is not how I know him, but I have noticed that is the behaviour that he has adopted of late. I really want him to change and be the person I used to know,’ she said.

Skrywer did not respond to questions sent to him.

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Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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