HOTBED: Rehoboth has been identified as a drug hub by the Namibian Police.
HOTBED: Rehoboth has been identified as a drug hub by the Namibian Police.

Rehoboth community implored to join drug fight

Police need support
Ogone Tlhage
The Namibian Police have urged the Rehoboth community to join forces with them and identify drug dealers in the town.

This call was made by deputy inspector general of the police, Major General Joseph Shikongo, during a visit to Rehoboth. The police were undertaking a public awareness campaign on the scourge of drugs. Rehoboth has been listed as a Namibian drug hub by the police.

“The Rehoboth community needs to start speaking out because the moment you are silent, the more you risk the lives of Namibians. We need to have a low tolerance for drugs in Namibia and, more especially, in the town of Rehoboth,” Shikongo said.

He also condemned police officers involved in criminal activities, saying it is disheartening.

“It is devastating when you hear of police officers involved in criminal activities. I don’t even want to call them police officers - they are criminals,” he said.

Drug dens investigated

Police spokesperson Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi also highlighted the drug problem plaguing the town.

According to her, over 20 drug dens had been investigated, with three suspects brought in for questioning by the police.

There have been incidents where drug dealers flushed drugs down the toilet because of the efforts of the police, she said.

Hardap regional council chairperson Gerson Dausab thanked the police for the recent arrest of a Rehoboth teacher who had been found with 2 000 mandrax tablets.

“We are thankful for the bust that happened a few days ago. We are happy with the services the Namibian Police are rendering to the Hardap Region. Thank you for all your efforts,” he said.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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