ONLINE: Keetmanshoop residents will soon enjoy free Wi-Fi.
ONLINE: Keetmanshoop residents will soon enjoy free Wi-Fi. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Free Wi-Fi for Keetmanshoop

Elizabeth Joseph
The Keetmanshoop municipality has entered into a partnership with Leo Canopus that will ensure free Wi-Fi access to residents.

This follows the conclusion of a pilot project that was undertaken in the Tseiblaagte informal settlement last year, which was met with widespread praise.

According to a statement released by the municipality, the community of Keetmanshoop will be able to start using the free Wi-Fi towards the end of August.

"During the pilot phase, an average of 77 residents were connected daily and especially students were very appreciative," the statement read.

Information highway

Keetmasnhoop residents will have unlimited free access to the Wi-Fi for one month and will then each receive 1 GB of complimentary data per device per month.

"Phase two is scheduled to be completed by the end of August 2022, and will cover Tseiblaagte, Krönlein, and Hampie Plichta street in town," the municipality added.

Learners and students will now have the opportunity to complete and hand in assignments, whereas previously, without access to the internet, it proved more difficult.

According to Nerro Dankie Nendongo, a Leo Canopus technician, their company hopes to boost inclusive connectivity while developing the town's technology infrastructure.

"We want to help give equal access to the internet to the people of Keetmanshoop. The company hopes that everyone will be able to stay connected this way," he said.

Basic human right

The estimated speed per device is 2MB per second and the first phase cost N$183 846.85.

Nendongo added that among the expected challenges is that some low-income residents will not have the right devices to utilise the service.

"People might not have the devices needed to use the internet like cellphones or laptops and that is the only challenge I see for now," he said.

Keetmanshoop municipality spokesperson, Dawn Kruger said the goal is to make internet services available to residents who do not usually have access to it.

"We feel that access to the internet or information is a basic human right, and also that it brings economic benefit to the town. That is why this is so important," she said.

The project launch takes place today.


Harry Tjihukununa 3 Month Ago 05 August 2022

I am impressed that such small municipality is stepping in the right direction. Be an example to others, even the Ministry of Education should shape up and make ICT a basic necessity in schools!


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