Charity cares for the elderly

Elizabeth Joseph
Founded two years ago, the Hadula Charity Foundation offers care services to pensioners who are unable to care for themselves properly.

According to founder Simon Hadula (27), the idea was born when he saw the plight of the elderly and experienced first-hand what it might feel like not to be able to clean up after yourself.

"I saw an old man walking the streets, followed him to his home and found out that he ate from dirty plates. His house was also not very clean. Then I started helping him with hygiene and free home-chore services. I used to wash his clothes, blankets and dishes, and clean his home."

Hadula also started escorting him to doctor's appointments.

This experience inspired him to start the charity. The foundation now has three branches across Namibia – in Windhoek, the Kavango East and Oshana regions – and has over 100 collective members across its branches.

Boosting dignity

The foundation believes that littering has no place in Namibia and strives for a clean and healthy environment.

"We clean and protect our environments at all costs, and strive to create awareness to educate residents on the importance of keeping their environment clean.

“We also advise residents to share the responsibility of keeping their surroundings clean," Hadula said.

The foundation’s members each give monetary and non-monetary contributions to support the purchase of cleaning materials.

Members do the general upkeep of the homes they visit and wash laundry for individuals and others who need the help.

"We strive to give a helping hand to orphans and less-privileged people by giving donations of non-perishable food, clothes, shoes, blankets, school items, and more," Hadula said.

So far, the foundation has assisted six homes and hopes to do much more during the rest of the year.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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