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A culturally diverse female making big moves in the corporate world

16 July 2021 | People

Michelline Nawatises

Pull Quote: “To date, I enjoy what I do, I am learning a lot every day.”

Born in the year of Cassinga in Katutura, Victoria Muranda is the second born of 17 children to a father of Angolan descent and a Kawanyama mother. She speaks seven languages and is often confused to be all types of tribes due to her diversity. “My siblings complete me; they are my source of laughter and inspiration,” Muranda says.

Muranda started at the Catholic Mission’s Mariabronn Primary School and finished high school at St Joseph’s High School, popularly known as Dobra, in 1997.

Her mother died when she was nine and unable to take care of his small children by himself, Victoria’s father had no other option than to enrol them in hostel schools. “As a result, I can say that I was raised by the Catholic Church,” she recalls. “I even got a Dutch family who took care of me financially throughout my education and to date they are an important pillar of strength in my life. My Dutch mother died recently but my dad, siblings and nieces are in the Netherlands.”

She is a mother, friend and sister and is a very practical person outside the corporate world. “I love cooking and I often cook with the help of my children,” she says.

She also washes clothes by hand occasionally and as a family, they travel a lot, especially to the coast. “I love music, dancing and worship always relaxes me and puts me at ease. And I am not just your average dancer, I am pretty good at it.”


Vicky Muranda has been in the communication, marketing and advertising industry since 2001 and is a University of Namibia (Unam) graduate with an MBA from Steinbeis in Germany. Victoria also pursued a certificate in mental health with the University of Washington to aid her passion for people. She is a former journalist, having specialised in economic and political reporting. She was also a TV licence marketing consultant at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). Muranda has furthermore honed her skills during her working career at O&L, the Namibia Airports Company, Meatco, the municipality of Walvis Bay and FNB.

She has a passion for economics and financial literacy initiatives. “I love God, people, mentoring, edifying and inspiring, photography, music, cars and food,” she says. Muranda further says that the word of God inspires her. “I am generally a positive person that seeks to find the best in a person or a situation. People close to me say I am soft-spoken and caring but can be harsh with words. I call it ‘nice but firm’,” she says.

“I am confident and firm, humble, creative, positive and hardworking. I am also a humanitarian and I am the type that cries during certain movies,” Muranda adds.

Her children - Ndala, Joaquim and Esperanca - give her the reason to hustle even harder. They humble her and bring the best out of her. “My kids remind me that the world is an oyster out there but that you will not get far in life without the help and support of others,” she says.

In her spare time, she makes time for her siblings, friends and charity. “I am on the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) Namibia and FLI executive and former part-time public relations tutor at the University of Namibia,” she adds.

Muranda says she enjoys what she does. “I am learning a lot every day.” One of her accomplishments was being selected to serve on the PRISA Namibia team.

When asked by Careers what she is most proud of when it comes to Namfisa, without hesitation she says that it is the best company to work for. “The people I work with are great individuals that are professionals,” she says.

Her typical day consists of waking up to pray and journal in the mornings. “I prepare my kids for school, prepare for work and run errands for the family,” she says. “I cook regularly and all of us have dinner at the table every evening. It is a must and part of our culture at home to allow us to bond and check in mentally and socially,” Muranda adds.

10 Facts

1. She is a child of God, she prays and worships.

2. She speaks seven languages.

3. Muranda is diverse because she was exposed to so many cultures.

4. She loves people, food and cars and loves to dance.

5. She has two sons and a daughter.

6. Muranda is part of a big family with 17 siblings.

7. She is from an Angolan background (Kwanyama and Ngaguela).

8. Her favourite flowers are tulips and sunflowers.

9. She makes the colours orange, white and red look good.

10. Muranda is family-oriented and has a calm tone.

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