Trust the process

29 March 2019 | Columns

Sometimes I wonder if anybody ever reads this page. Personally, when I open Namibian Sun on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays the first piece I usually finish reading is the column, because I want to be enticed by the motivation the columnist has decided to splurge on the page to create some sort of emotional connection with the content and the readers.

Here is the thing; being in this position makes me realise that these columns aren't just slick motivations to sell the content of the publication to readers. Sadly, I do not have a profound underlying principle for this edition. What I will tell you is that it was a tad bit stressful to put it to bed. Because when you are not trying to maintain, but trying to take things to the next level, much of the process is experimental. Meaning there are a lot more glitches than usual and it is a lot more time consuming.

The process of putting together a weekly publication presents the journalist with the time to experiment with a lot of things. Through this process, if the work is beyond the paycheque one gets attached. The end product is basically a depiction of you on paper. The eight pages do not precisely symbolise the arguments, research, yelling, hours of writing and subbing. In the end, it is just ink on paper. Is this getting too weird? Okay, let me get straight to the point and brief you on what to expect in this edition.

This issue pays special attention to the contribution of new talent to Namibian entertainment scene. Not because I believe there should be a distinction between established artists and newcomers, but because the absence of any big group of people in any industry means that some people will not be represented. Do not get me wrong - I am not saying new artists aren't represented, however they are shunned by many music fans for being different.

By virtue of being young artists, there are just certain things King Elegant and Top Cheri for example can say on songs that the more established artists never can. That is why it is important to put a spotlight on this remarkable growth. And speaking of remarkable, MTC and NBC have added a new category to the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) called Artist of the Year. With this addition, they have pushed all boundaries to elevate standards and celebrate music throughout Namibia.

The new talent featured in this edition include; LMPC, Princess Tjozongoro, King Elegant and more. Our guest writer for this week is also a young creative who trades in the media and fashion space and simply goes by Disney Andreas. So that is something else to look out for throughout this issue.

The first quarter of 2019 is steadily coming to an end, and we have witnessed how certain artists have solidified their brands within the culture. So in a way this edition is putting a shine on those who have given the Namibian entertainment scene the impression that they are ahead of their competition. So take a walk with us as we ponder on the phenomenal contributions by the exciting young artists who are championing a new era of Namibian music.

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