Tributes to former councillor

Tributes have been paid to the late Eengondi constituency councillor, Walde Shejavali, who sadly passed on earlier this week.

23 August 2017 | Local News

Eengodi constituency councillor Walde Sheyavali has been remembered by his former colleagues as a man who used to put others first and loved peace.

Sheyavali died in a northern hospital following his admission on Saturday.

He was 60.

Tributes have been pouring in for the late Sheyavali who was one of the founders of the Oshikoto Regional Council and councillor for Eengodi constituency since 1992.

The first Tsumeb councillor, Nico Kaiyamo, remembered Sheyavali as a selfless person.

Kaiyamo made reference to the time when the electrification of rural areas was an issue on the table.

“I remember when all constituencies were really under-developed, except for Tsumeb, and this was when the issue of the rural electrification came in. I was so surprised when every other councillor was pulling for his own constituency to be electrified and Sheyavali came in and said, 'why don't we start with one constituency to another and then go around instead of spread the little money that we got among all the 10 constituencies',” Kaiyamo said.

He said the late Sheyavali was a unifying force and would be his preferred candidate if he had to choose amongst all the founding councillors.

Former Olukonda constituency councillor and also a founding member of the Oshikoto Regional Council Phillemon Ndjambula remembered the late Sheyavali as a friendly man who was committed to addressing the needs of his people.

“He was a quiet man, my best friend. He was a man who always wanted to bring development closer to his people. I will always remember him,” Ndjambula said.

The governor for Oshikoto, Henock Kankoshi, remembered Sheyavali as man who spoke out adding that he always had the interests of his people at heart.

Sheyavali was from Onkumbula and is survived by his wife and nine children.

The law requires that a by-election be held within 90 days after a councillor's position becomes vacant and the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) will facilitate the process where all political parties will present their preferred candidates.

In order for all eligible voters to cast their votes, the registration of voters should also take place as some citizens might have turned 18 after the last election.


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