The importance of teachers

08 October 2019 | Opinion

The Zone visited AI Steenkamp Primary School to hear what grade 7 learners had to say about the importance of teachers and World Teacher's Day, which is celebrated every year on 5 October.

Daniel Lorenct

Teachers are important because they assist you with your future and teach you manners as well. Teachers also prepare you for the world outside, as we are fast approaching high school.

Christophina Nghishoongete

Teachers teach us how to prevent teenage pregnancies and also how to take care of ourselves. If teachers were not present, we would not have known what we know now. I am grateful for my teachers.

Divine Hoeseb

The reason why teachers are important in our lives is because they play a major role. They teach us everything - how to read, write and learn. It’s because of them that I know how to write my name. Teachers are the best.

Zambo Mbeha

The reason why teachers are important is because they teach us how to read and write. If teachers didn’t exist, we would be in the streets begging for food and money. Teachers play an important role and I am thankful for that.

Justin Joël

Teachers taught me how to compose myself when I’m around people. They made me aware of how cruel the world is outside, and in order for me to make it in life, I must be hardworking.

Timoteus Junior Petrus

The reason why teachers are important for us is that they help us learn and they also lead us onto the right path. Teachers are good examples when it comes to improving your manners. I cannot imagine life without teachers.

Ishmael Seibeb

We should honour and respect teachers as they can make or break you. Cooperation is very important, because these people are there to guide you to make right decisions. Teachers teach us a lot on a daily basis.

Andore Muronga

Teachers are playing a role in our lives. During school hours they are our parents, because they are shaping us for the future. A life without school is no life at all.

Ivatua Kaimbi

Teachers play a big role in our lives. They teach us a lot of things. Everyday your knowledge is being upgraded in terms of various topics. Without teachers it would be difficult to build a successful life.

Anushcka Eises

Teachers are there to tell us what to do and what not to say. There is nothing we can do without teachers, as they help us to build ourselves. We are entirely thankful for what they are doing for us.

Watraudt Garises

Teachers shape us into becoming better human beings. With the help of teachers we achieve a lot. They are the true definition of ‘not all heroes wear capes’. We are forever indebted to them.

Eunice Kheibes

Teachers play a huge role in my life. If teachers were non-existent we would suffer, because the teachers of our generation have a positive impact on the world, in terms of the younger generation. Thank you to all the teachers worldwide.

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