Still building, still pushing

Since crashing onto the scene with Skoko many years ago as an exciting singing and dancing trio, PDK has really come a long way.

05 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

What story do you tell on your 12th studio album? Do you play it safe and make bangers about money, cars and women so as not to scare people with uncomfortable truths and sincerity? Or do you tell a true story? Do you tell a story of adversity and triumph, of wanting to give up but finding the strength to rise above, of hard work and equally intense hours of partying? No, you tell a story of being grateful.

Many groups have come and gone but album after album, PDK's consistency continues to impress. Speaking to tjil earlier this week, the trio said their 12th studio album is complete and they are at the mixing and mastering stages.

“We are making sure everything and every sound comes out great. The album release date will be announced next week through our social media platforms,” said Patrick. The body of work is called Grateful, and explores themes like love, self-awareness and word play.

The trio believes if you keep your faith and trust, and have the right attitude and be grateful, God will open up new doors that will take your career to greater heights. “Gratitude is the best attitude; it takes more than humility to be grateful. As you mingle with others in a social setting, you learn social etiquette that leverages you to express gratitude at appropriate occasions.

“If you are a grateful person, you can convey your appreciation in more than just words and ours comes with this album,” said Patrick.

Describing the sound of the album, Dion mentioned that it is a fusion of Afro-pop and dancehall.

He said they are merging new sounds with old sounds. “We are basically revisiting some of our old sounds on previous albums that we never really explored. The mainstream may call it Afro-beat.”

They maintain that their sound matures as they grow. They also shared that they are trying to perfect their craft by exploring different Namibian sounds and figuring out ways to push this to global standards. “At the end of the day it is about what sound is coming out of Namibia and how authentic it is, and can you as an artist be identified by it,” said Kamtonyo, admitting that their sound has evolved immensely in the past few years.

With this album, the trio seeks to broaden their fan base and serve up music that will be loved, embraced and celebrated by their existing fans. With 11 albums under their belts, it is clear that the trio has stood the test of time.

Their formula to staying relevant in the unpredictable music arena is having goals, being consistent and loving what they do. “We respect our craft and we know what it can do for us and our people,” said Patrick.

“We are also obsessed with self-improvement and we are determined to inspire and leave a legacy which will make us one of Africa's biggest groups to ever do it big from Namibia,” added Kamtonyo.

They emphasised that patience is a virtue and that the wait for their anticipated Grateful album is almost over.

“We appreciate the love and support our fans have always given us.

All we ask from them is to push this album beyond our borders as you have become our ambassadors everywhere you go.”


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