Sanzila Court handed over to police
Sanzila Court handed over to police

Sanzila Court handed over to police

Before the handover, members of the police deployed at Katima Mulilo had to travel long distances from their homes in villages to provide policing services.
Cindy Van Wyk


The Maudinohamba Family Trust last weekend handed over the Sanzila Court to the Namibian Police to provide proper accommodation for members of the force in Katima Mulilo.

The facility has eight flats in total, comprising of seven three-bedroom units and one two-bedroom unit. Each has an open-plan kitchen and a parking area and the court also boasts a guardroom and caretaker unit.

Safety and security minister Albert Kawana said the handover marks a clear indication of government’s commitment to address challenges faced by the police, particularly with regards to a lack of housing for its members.

He said it is a fact that a properly occupied police force can deliver better services to the community.

“Therefore, the procurement of these facilities speaks volumes about the government’s determination in ensuring that our police work under a conducive environment.”

Given the limited financial resources at the ministry’s disposal, it is important to adopt a strict system of care and maintenance of its facilities, Kawana said.

He also stressed that inspections should be done on a regular basis in order to detect issues in a timely manner.

“Unnecessary water bills should be avoided at all cost and those who cause wastage must be made to pay.”

Essential strategies

The minister added that clear rental contracts should be drafted with the assistance of the Office of the Attorney General to avoid legal disputes.

The availability of accommodation will enable police management to implement essential strategies such as the periodic rotation and redeployment of members between regions where services are needed most.

Police chief, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga, mentioned that the most prevalent crimes in the Zambezi Region are assault, rape, domestic violence, housebreaking and theft, stock theft and culpable homicide.

As a result, they have streamlined their work approaches so as to meet public expectations in terms of providing for their safety and security, he said.

“One of our concepts to achieve that is to create a conducive environment for police to work in.”

Ndeitunga said this includes the provision of accommodation, office space, equipment and other resources.

“This newly acquired Sanzila Court is a step in the right direction.”

He pointed out that some members of the police deployed in Katima Mulilo travel long distances from their homes in villages to provide policing services in town, while others stay in rented houses or flats due to the lack of accommodation.

“I was particularly concerned about married police officers who were staying in barracks, which is not convenient to feel at home and also for their integrity as a family unit.”

Ndeitunga said he is therefore confident that with the acquisition of these flats, they will be able to provide decent accommodation to married couples and improve police productivity.


Namibian Sun 2023-12-07

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