Rundu man who died at clinic had Covid
Rundu man who died at clinic had Covid

Rundu man who died at clinic had Covid

Cindy Van Wyk
Kenya Kambowe


The 32-year-old man took his last breath under a mango tree outside Sauyemwa clinic last Thursday - after nurses allegedly refused to attend to him because he did not have a medical passport - had contracted Covid-19. This after he had received one jab of the Sinopharm vaccine.

This is according to test results the late Mario Mingandja’s family showed Namibian Sun yesterday.

Mingandja only receive one dose of Sinopharm on 11 May.

The Covid-19 test was conducted last Friday, a day after he died.

However, the cause of death is yet to be determined as a post-mortem has not yet been conducted.

While the family has placed blame on the health professionals who allegedly refused to help the deceased on the fateful day, they are also calling on the health ministry to conduct a post-mortem as information has surfaced that the victim was assaulted four days before died.

According to the family, they want justice to be served and said they will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of what killed their loved one.

They are adamant that the deceased died of injuries he sustained after being assaulted, which they suspect led to him dying of internal bleeding.

Justice for Mario

“All we want is justice for Mario. We are now confused about what to believe because we don’t buy the story of him having Covid-19 because he showed no symptoms. Secondly, he was vaccinated, therefore it should not have taken his life so easily,” a family member said.

They also said they have since approached the people who assaulted the deceased, however, they denied the altercation.

“We approached the owner of the house where they dragged my brother into and assaulted him. That person told us that he did not assault him and that the post-mortem might vindicate him,” Mingandja’s sister said.

The family added that the police told them that witnesses to the assault should give statements which could assist law enforcers to compel the ministry to conduct a post-mortem.

When contacted for comment, Kavango East health director Timea Ngwira said that a post-mortem can and will be conducted.

On the deceased’s death certificate, the cause of death has been left blank.

Meanwhile, his family said despite the issues surrounding the death, the nurse who allegedly refused to Mingandja should be dealt with by the ministry.

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Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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