Oompugulu otadhi taandelitha omikithi miimuna

06 August 2019 | Agriculture

Aaniimuna oya kunkililwa opo kaya pitike iimuna yawo yi nape pamwe noompugulu, omolwa oshiponga shomukithi gwocatarrhal fever.

Pauyelele mboka wa gandjwa kuuministeli wuunamapya, omukithi gwocatarrhal fever moNamibia otagu kwatakanithwa nekwatathano lyiimuna oshowo oompugulu noonzi.

Omunambelewa omukuluntu muuministeli, Percy Misika, okwa popi kutya okwiinekelwa kutya uumpugulona owo onzo yomukithi ngoka tagu kwata iimuna.

Uuministeli owa lopotwa kutya omolwa oshikukuta, iiyamakuti oya taukamo mEtosha National Park uule woomwedhi mbali ngashiingeyi, na otayi kongo uuhupilo nokunapa mumwe niimuna.

Omukithi gwoCatarrhal fever ohagu taandele mbala moongombe nokudhidhipaga muule woshiwike uuna dha kwatwa komukithi ngoka.

Omukithi otagu vulu okutaandela okuza koompugulu okuya koongombe pokati koshinano shoometa 100 na otaku popiwa kutya iimuna nayi kalekwe kokule noompugulu konyala oshinano shokilometa yimwe.

Oofaalama ndhoka dhi na oompungulu otadhi pulwa paveta opo dhi kale noondhalate oombali.


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