Omukiintu a kwatwa onkonga kaalumentu yane

23 May 2019 | Crime

Omukiintu gwoomvula 29 okwa kwatwa onkonga kaalumentu ye li ya ne sha ningilwa moWanahenda.

Palopota yopolisi ndjoka ya pitithwa, oshiningwanima shoka osha ningilwa momulamba gu li pokati koLuxury Hill oshowo Soweto.

Aalumentu mboka otaku lopotwa ya vulu oonkondo omukiintu ngoka noku mu longela omuyonena ngoka. Omukiintu okwa lopotwa kutya omukalimo gwomoHakahana, nopolisi inayi holola kutya oshiningwanima shoka osha ningwa uunake.

Omulumentu gwoomvula 20 okwa tulilwa miipandeko pehala lyoshiningwanima omanga aafekelelwa yalwe yatatu ya yi ontuku ihe oyeshiwike kopolisi.

Moshiningwanima sha yooloka mOlyomakaya, omufekelwa gumwe okwa lopotwa a ningile omatilitho nondjembo aakiintu yaali nokwe ya kwata onkonga na okwa yi ontuku okuza pehala lyoshiningwanima. Shoka osha ningilwa natango moWanahenda.

Aakiintu mboka okwa hololwa kutya oya pambadhana yoomvula dhi li po 24 no 27, nomufekelwa okwa hololwa kutya ohonda nale ya kuume kawo. Palopota yopolisi, omufekelwa okushiwike owala nedhina 'Oakley' na ota kongwa natango kopolisi.

Moshiningwanima shimwe sha yooloka omukakadhona koomvula 16 oka kwatwa onkonga piihwa momudhingoloko gwaTjomuise omanga a kali mondjila okuya kegumbo.

Omufelekwa ngoka a tseyika nedhina 'Block Styn' okwe mu fala aniwa mondunda ye nokumukwata onkonga.

Metitano aanyasha yatatu oya tulwa miipandeko shi na sha nekwatonkonga lyomukiintu gwoomvula 20 sha ningilwa momukunda Onakandjangi mOmuntele moshitopolwa shaShikoto.

Oonakutulwa miipandeko oyoomvula dho 17 no 18.

Omufelekwa gumwe oye a longo omuyonena ngoka omanga yakwawo yaali yemu yambidhidha mokunanena omukiintu ngoka mombashu moka mwa longelwa omuyonena ngoka.

Moshiningwanima shimwe, okanona kokakadhona koomvula 14 oka kwatwa onkonga pokati komvula yo2016 no 2019 momukunda Onakandi momudhingoloko Iihongo moshitopolwa shaShikoto.

Palopota yopolisi omakwatonkonga ngoka oga ningilwa mepya komufelekwa ngoka eshiwike ihe ina tulwa natango miipandeko. Okanona hoka ohaka hiti osikola poskola yopevi yedhina Oshiyagaya Primary School. Omulumentu gwoomvula 50 okwa tsuwa nombele sigo omeso moKlein Aub omufekelwa gwoomvula 20.

Otaku hokololwa kutya omufekelwa okwa tsu momutse nombele Hendrik Klaaste moFarm Middle Post konima yolugodhi lwa tukuka pokati kawo.

Klaaste okwa falwa meendelelo kokaklinika kopoppei ihe okwa hulitha.


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