NHE ta tala komilandu omipe

24 June 2019 | Infrastructure

Ehangano lyoNational Housing Enterprise otali konaakona onkalo yokutula miilonga omulandu gwohiila nokumona uumwene wegumbo, ihe inali holola natango kutya uunake omulandu ngoka tagu vulu okutulwa miilonga.

Ehangano ndyoka oshiwike sha piti olya ningi omutumba naakuthimbinga opo li yelithe kombinga yopoloyeka ndjoka, lya kala tali longo konima nkene ya kuthwa oshinakugwanithwa shopoloyeka yoMass Housing momvula yo 2015.

Sho a popi kombinga yoshikumungu shoka, Omunambelewa Omukuluntu gwoNHE, Gisbertus Mukulu, okwa popi kutya otaya tala komulandu gwohiila nuumwene wegumbo onga omukalo gwokuya moshipala onkalo yompumbwe yomagumbo gombiliha moshilongo.

Okwa yelitha kutya omukalo ngoka otagu ka longa moka omuntu taka kala ta hiila egumbo nokukala nompito yokulilanda po muule wethimbo omanga etsokumwe lyehiilo inali thika pehulilo.

Pahapu dhomunambelewa ngoka, oshilongo osha taalela ompumbwe yomagumbo ya thika po 90 000 moshilongo ashihe.

Omiyalu dhaNHE odha ulike kutya monooli yoshilongo omu na ompumbwe yomagumbo ya thika po 20 082 omanga komunkulofuta oku na ompumbwe yomagumbo, 30 778 omanga poshitopolwa shopokati koshilongo pe na ompumbwe 31 237.

“Omusholondondo gwaantu gwokutegelela ogu na aantu ya thika po 90 000. Omagumbo geli po 17 113 oga tungwa konima nkene NHE a tulwa miilonga omanga omagumb ge li 1 468 ga tungwa kohi yopoloyeka yoMass Housing,”

Nonando oshilongo osha taalela ompumbwe yomagumbo gombiliha, Mukulu okwa lombwele aakuthimbinga kutya NHE ota vulu okukondopeka embo lye lyomikuli dhomagumbo.

Okwa popi kutya monena embo lyawo oli li pobiliyona yilwe, okuza poomiliyona 452 mpoka lya li momvula yo 206, omanga oongunga dha shuna pevi okuya poopresenda 4.9 okuza poopresenda 5.95 momvula yo 2016.


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NHE ta tala komilandu omipe

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Ehangano lyoNational Housing Enterprise otali konaakona onkalo yokutula miilonga omulandu gwohiila nokumona uumwene wegumbo, ihe inali holola natango kutya uunake omulandu ngoka tagu vulu okutulwa...

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