Namibia okuli moshiponga shomikithi

Olopota ndjoka ya pitithwa kehangano lyuundjolowele muuyuni oya holola onkalo tayi halutha kayi na uuyogoki, moka AaNamibia taya lumbu nonkalo ndjoka oyi li tayi etitha omikithi odhindji dha yooloka.

20 June 2019 | Health

Pethimbo oshilongo tashi kondjo nomukithi gwohepatitis E, ehangano lyuundjolowele muuyuni olya holola olopota kutya oopresenda 49 dhaakwashigana kadhi na uundjugo na ohadhi longitha owala iihwa nenge omahala ga andjuka mokwiikwathela nokutula oshigwana moshiponga shomikithi.

Pauyelele wolopota ndjoka ya pitithwa koUnited Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) oshowo World Health Organisation (WHO), aantu ye li poomiliyona 2.5 moNamiba, oopresenda owala 35 dhi na omayakulo gopauyogoki okuya momvula yo 2017.

Kwiikwatelelwa kolopota ndjoka, oopresenda 49 dhaakwashigwana natango ohadhi longitha owala omahala gaandjuka ngele dha hala okulongitha uundjugo.

Omanga momvula yo 2000 omwaalu ngoka gwa li poopresenda 56.

Komikunda olopota ndjoka oya holola kutya momvula yo 2017 oopresenda 18 dhaakwashigwana kadhi na omayakulo guuyogoki omanga oopresenda 73 dhaantu taya longitha iihwa nenge omahala gaandjuka onga uundjugo, okuyeleka nomvula yo 76 moka omwaalu ngoka gwa li poopresenda 76.

Moondoolopa, oopresenda 53 dhaakwashigwana odhi na omayakulo guuyogoki , omanga oopresenda 23 kadhi na uundjugo nomwaalu ngoka ogwa londo pombanda okuza poopresenda 14 momvula yo 2000.

Olopota tayi ithanwa 'Joint Monitoring Programme report, Progress on drinking water, sanitation and hygiene: 2000-2017: Special focus on inequalities' oya mono kutya nonando okwa pondolwa kashona mokugandja omeya ga yogoka koshigwana nomayakulo guundjolowele nuuyogoki, ope na omwaka omunene megandjo lyomayakulo ngoka.

Oobiliyona 2.2 muuyuni kadhi na omeya gayogoka omanga oobiliyona 4.2 kadhi na iikwaniipangitho yuuyogoki omanga oobiliyona 3 kadhi na iikwaniipangitho yokwiiyoga kiikaha.

Olopota oya tsikile kutya oopresenda 83 dhAaNamibia odhi na omeya gokunwa ga yogoka momvula yo 2017 naashoka osha li e yo pombanda noopresenda 6 okuza momvula yo 2000.

Omiyalu dhopaife odha holola kutya oopresenda 69 dhaakalimo yomuushayi oshowo oopresenda 96 dhaakalimo yomoondoolopa oya mono omayakulo gomeya gayogoka okuya momvula 2017.

Nonando ongaaka olopota oya popi kutya oopresenda 12 dhaakalimo yomuushayi natango otaya nu omeya inaga yogoka omanga oopresenda 60 dhaakwashigwana dhi na omeya gayogoka momagumbo gawo momvula yo 2017. Miitopolwa yomuushayyi oopresenda ndhoka odhi li po 46 omanga moondoolopa dhi li po 75.

Oshifokundaneki shoNamibia Sun osha holola kutya okuya momasiku 2 gaJuni nuumvo, iipotha yi li po 5 309 yomukithi gwohepatitis E ya lopotwa miitopolwa oyindji moshilongo omanga aantu yeli 45 ya hulitha komukithi ngoka konima nkene gwa dhidhilikwa tango momalukanda mOvenduka, oomvula mbali dha piti.

Oshipotha shotago shomukithi ngoka osha lopotwa muKotomba gwomvula yo 2017 moshipangelo mOvenduka. Omikithi ngoka ogwa taandele miitopolwa yilwe moshilongo unene momalukanda sho onkalo yuuyogoki ya nkundiala omahala ngoka.

Omalukanda ngoka ga gumwa unene ongaashi Havana noGoreangab mOvenduka.

MoSwakopmund, olukanda lwaDRC okwa hololwa kutya olwa gumwa noonkondo konkalo ndjoka omolwa iikwaniipangitho yuuyogoki ya ngambekwa.

Omiyalu dha pitithwa kuuministeli wuundjolowele oshiwike sha piti odha holola kutya oopresenda 57 dhaalumentu odho dhwa gumwa nomwaalu guli po 3 020 omanga aakiintu yeli po 2 289.

Etukuko lyomukithi ngoka mOshitopolwa shaKhomas, olya taandele kiitopolwa yilwe ngaashi Erongo, Kavango, Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto oshowo Omaheke.

Oshitopolwa shaKhomas osho shili ponomola yotango sho mwa lopotwa iipotha yili po 3 469, iipotha yi li po1 249 oya lopotwa Erongo omanga iipotha yili po 591, ya lopotwa miitopolwa yilwe iheyali.

Oopota yoUNICEF oshowo WHO oya holola kutya aantu yeli poobiliyona 1.8 muuyuni oya mono omeya gokunwa gayogoka okuza momvula yo 2000 ihe ope na omwaka yokwaahathika pamwe megandjo lyomayakulo ngoka.


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