Learner’s and driver’s licence - How easy is it?

12 October 2021 | Youth

A simple guide to obtaining your licence

Wetumwene Shikage / Desiree Gases

Driving is a routine task which many young people fear. You may see getting your driver’s licence as another struggle of waking up early to stand in a queue and deal with civil servants who may not be the nicest. You may feel as though getting to the Namibian Traffic Information System (NaTIS) is a nightmare. All negativity aside, it’s not as complicated as external factors make it seem.

We are all susceptible to others, but allowing the negative thoughts to overwhelm us will not help much. When you know exactly why you would like to obtain your licence, you will surely be motivated to set your target and nail it.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way to successfully obtain your licence.

- Getting your learner’s

Get a Namibian Learners and Driving Licence Manual to study all road rules and traffic signs.

Once you feel confident that you know it all, proceed to book a learner’s test at NaTIS.

You will receive a set date for your learner’s test. Make sure that you are well prepared and on time.

If you get 80% and above, you have passed the test and can now collect your learner’s licence on the allocated date.

Now that you have obtained your learner’s licence, it is important to note that it expires after 12 months. You may want to enroll at a driving school as soon as possible to avoid pressuring yourself within a limited timeframe. The longer you wait, the less time you have to practice.

-Now you can work towards obtaining your driver’s licence. Here’s how:

NOTE: When driving, make sure to carry your learner’s licence and that the driving instructor also carries his/her licence in the car.

Get yourself well-acquainted with the basic responsibilities and duties of a driver. Make use of the internet to watch YouTube videos and tutorials online.

Give yourself a timeframe (set a target to get it done)

Identify a well-recommended and credible driving school to supplement the knowledge of practical driving and prepare you for the driver’s licence you wish to obtain.

Consistently attend all driving lessons. Avoid missing lessons. This can cause you to forget previously taught driving skills and techniques.

Make a list of the mistakes you constantly make and be conscious about them to avoid repetition. You may ask the driving instructor to rate or grade your driving after each lesson is completed.

Practice as much as possible in the vehicle you will take to your actual test. Each car drives differently, thus it is important to be comfortable in the car you will be using.

If you feel confident behind the wheel, you can proceed to apply to a driver’s test. If you do not obtain your licence on your first try, do not get demotivated.

After you successfully pass your driver’s test, you can collect your driver’s licence and continue to be a responsible and cautious driver.

NOTE: Make sure that you always carry your driver’s licence when intending to drive.

-Green and red box


Fasten your seatbelt before ignition.

Adjust your seat and mirrors before driving off.

Be extra cautious in bad weather conditions.


Do not exceed marked speed limits.

Do not use your cell phone or any digital device that could distract you.

Do not drive under the influence of any harmful substance.

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