Infighting will cost us votes - SPYL

The SPYL Kavango East leadership has bemoaned the ongoing infighting that has left the Rundu town council in limbo.

14 February 2020 | Local News

The Kavango East Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) says the ongoing infighting at the Rundu town council is not only denying residents much-needed services, but also making the mother party unattractive to youth.

It said the infighting was also scaring away potential investors and would cost Swapo votes in upcoming elections.

Three recalled councillors Isak Kandingu, Anastacia Antonio and Toini Hausiku have threatened that if the situation unfolding at the town council is not dealt with, they will drag the party to court.

They also said in a letter dated 8 February that Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa is not a fit person to deal with the issue, due to a conflict of interest.

The SPYL Kavango East leadership has now called on the mother party to ensure that members elected to serve in public office should be of good quality. They should also undergo a vetting process that is based on performance and merit.

SPYL Kavango East secretary Anselm Marungu made these remarks when asked what the youth wing thinks of the current situation at the Rundu town council, where the office-bearers' election and swearing-in ceremony is in limbo amid the three councillors being recalled and a tussle between party leaders.

The Swapo Rundu Urban District leadership and the party's Kavango East regional leadership are at loggerheads. “Our residents are losing trust in the party because the question of service delivery is not answered by the current leaders,” Marungu said.

“This is a result of the high level of conflict of interest in the whole Rundu town council, so we feel this infighting will have a negative impact on upcoming elections.

“People are not necessarily losing trust in the party, but the party is being put at risk by the people who are tasked to render service delivery to the people. It is not appealing to young people and it's going to affect performance in the upcoming elections,” Marungu said.

“The residents of this town need service delivery, but due to this infighting we will not realise that. Imagine, since this council came into office, it has just been infighting, which translates to a leadership crisis.”

Marungu said if the district wants to recall its members from the local authority on the basis that they are not performing and implementing the party's wishes, all Swapo members serving on the council should be booted out.

“They are removing three and leaving the one; that will spark disunity because your aim is not development but revenge, and that is the problem with the Rundu town council,” he said.

Marungu also attributed the challenges at Rundu to a lack of an accounting officer at the council.


SPYL Kavango East treasurer Bonifasius Kudumo said the Rundu town council has been turned into a battleground. He said the current issue has a negative impact on attracting potential investors to the town.

“The Rundu town council should not become a battleground. We need to be honest and say that our people should not look at their own interests, but that of the masses. Where there is no unity, investors will not come there,” Kudumo added.

Kenya Kambowe

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