Get to know Mr Diamonds

Ever heard of Mr Diamonds before? If you haven't you might be considered not cool, but it's okay, here comes a quick breakdown for you.

19 July 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Mr Diamonds, real name Mayaya Rafael, is a rapper with three projects to his name; Number One Whyler (2013), Tate Geld (2015) and Trap Dealer (2016). He recently got into business with the Alvara Media Group to handle his public relations. With the release of his first official 2019 single titled Finally and featuring Brown Klaxic, Mr Diamonds shared with tjil what he has been working on.

He mentioned that he is happy to be associated with Alvaro Media Group, as he believes they are good with public relations and branding. “For the longest time I did not have a solid structure behind my brand. They give me direction on a lot of things that have to do with my brand. We have joined forces for a mutual goal.

“They are working on putting me in a better position than I have been in my career,” said Mr Diamonds.

On the response to his latest single, the rapper said he is pleased with the way music fans have received it.

He added that he is in the process of conceptualising the music video for it and will be shooting it in two weeks' time. “I am really happy with the attention Finally has been receiving. It has been received well, not just by the rap community but everyone in general. I am taking time with the visuals for it because I do not just want to put out a mediocre music video, I want to give my fans real art,” he said.

He shared that he is still going to be releasing three more singles and hopes to release a body of work in the form of an EP at the end of the year.

He added that he is working on music that is going to make him a household name, but he understands and acknowledges that success in the music game takes time. “I have big dreams for my musical career at which I am working tirelessly to realise, along with my team.

I want to be able to support my family through music and I want to get to the point where I am not told that I have 30 more minutes left of my studio time,” he said.

He describes his sound as mainstream hip-hop with the potential to be recognised on an international level.

Mr Diamonds believes Namibia has enormous talent that should be shared with the world.

“I believe as artists, we grow with our listeners that's why I would really love to have the attention of the youth.

“Their support is going to carry me through and take me places,” said Mr Diamonds.

His goal is to penetrate the African market and one day eventually break through on a global level. He said it may sound like a big and unattainable dream to many but he strongly believes with hard work and consistency he will realise it. “I just want to live out my dreams through my passion which is music; I know hard work will get me there,” he said.


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