Diescho cheers Kavango on

Speaking at a public lecture at Rundu over the weekend, Professor Joseph Diescho told the residents of the Kavango regions to demand more after they vote.

08 July 2019 | Local News

In self-imposed exile, Professor Joseph Diescho says that political parties will not win elections without the 'Kavango vote', yet the people, and especially the youth, from the two Kavango regions are neglected in all spheres.

Speaking during a public lecture in Rundu on Saturday, Diescho said people of Kavango remain the 'voting cows' as their votes make a significant difference to the governance of the country, however they are neglected after the voting period concludes.

“You cannot win an election in Namibia without the Kavango vote,” Diescho said.

“After the vote, the Kavango is completely absent from anything and the youth does not question this. Two regions, the second highest in voting numbers and only two ministers, both from Kavango East and both from the Roman Catholic Church. Something is very wrong here. Where is the youth?”

The event was organised by the Muzokumwe Volunteers Organisation under the theme 'The crisis of leadership in post-independence Namibia and the role of the youth today'.

Diescho spoke on a variety of issues relating to leadership, as well as painting a picture for the audience that the youth in north-eastern regions are neglected.

Making reference to the high number of people employed as security guards in the country and said to be from the Kavango regions, Diescho said it is wrong for people from one tribe to be seen as only fit to guard others' properties.

Meanwhile, taking a swipe at President Hage Geingob's planned national town hall meetings scheduled to kick in a few weeks' time, Diescho said this illustrates that the people of the Kavango regions are only relevant when elections are approaching.

“People only come to you during election times, you are voting cows,” Diescho said.

Moreover, Diescho, during his lecture, decoded the qualities a leader should possess saying that a leader is one who is questioned and listens to the people he is elected to serve.

He added that a leader should love the people and not the other way around, looking for praise and to be loved by the masses.

He also pointed out that the reason why the people of the two Kavango regions are subjected to many challenges is as a result of not standing up for their rights.

“We are our own problem, not white people; we don't stand up for our rights,” Diescho said responding to a question from the audience as to what they should do to overcome the current status quo.

Making reference to African revolutions and speaking highly of South African politician Julius Malema, Diescho questioned why Namibia does not have leaders of his calibre.

“I don't want to turn you into revolutionaries; I want you to take yourself seriously,” Diescho said.

Diescho furthermore said that when he used to pen documents and make utterances about the neglect of the Kavango people, he was ridiculed and people laughed at him.

“I speak for you and you laugh at my misery,” he remarked.


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