Dial a Vrrpha

The 19-year-old Junior Slinger is the CEO of Dial a Vrrpha.

16 April 2019 | Education

Pull quote: “It was difficult for me to rely on the transportation services here in town.” -Junior Slinger

Junior Slinger started and finished primary schooling in Windhoek at Orban Primary School.

Slinger completed his high school at St George’s and is studying law (LLB) at the University of Namibia (Unam).

The reason why he started with this brilliant Vrrpha initiative is because as a young person going out, the biggest problem he constantly faced was transport.

It was either that the services were busy or they took too long. He explained how one day he called one of the services, and waited for about one and a half hours. He then took it upon himself to start a transportation business, with the sole emphasis on quality.

The company is still fresh and young. He runs Dial a Vrrpha with his family, as he explains that running a business like this requires trust, therefore he feels the need to keep the business in the family, as far as he can.

When asked by The Zone what the challenges and victories the business has experienced so far, Slinger said there are a lot of challenges, but the best thing to do is to brace yourself and keep your cool.

“Different people have different personalities. I do get clients that might be disrespectful, but one has to understand that people go through things,” he said.

He said clients also have challenges they face, which they of course they should not be judged for.

One of the challenges are clients that book the service but do not pitch up. By far, the best part of this service, Slinger said, is getting to meet new people and getting to know how to deal with different personalities.

One of the weirdest reasons people have used Dial a Vrrpha was simply to see a ‘hot’ driver.

They have various services.

Airport trips cost N$350, while trips in town only cost N$70.

The more the merrier,” Slinger said, adding that the more people use the service at the same time, the cheaper the price is per person. They also offer rentals for special events such as weddings and matric farewells for which hourly rates are charged.

Dial a Vrrpha also has something new up its sleeves, as it plans to introduce party busses in Windhoek if all goes well within the next few years. The ultimate goal is to be the dominant transportation company in Namibia.

Facts about Junior Slinger:

· He is business-orientated.

· He has good people skills.

· He is at a point in his life where if he is given a N$200, he’ll think of ways to turn it into N$2 000.

· He is a very humble person.

· He is selfless and caring.

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