Cops caution against Easter mayhem

Authorities have warned drivers to adhere to the road rules over the Easter weekend and to avoid using alcohol.

29 March 2018 | Accidents

Police have urged drivers to exercise caution on the roads this Easter weekend, while refraining from drinking and driving, as many Namibians will be travelling to various destinations.

The roads to the coast and the north of the country are expected to be especially congested, with Namibians taking advantage of the long weekend to head to Swakopmund and other towns.

Learners are also still on their midterm break, so it is an ideal time for parents take a shortly holiday with their kids.

Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said drivers should refrain from using alcohol. He said drinking and driving will not be tolerated and the speed limit will be strictly enforced on both urban and national roads.

The speed limit is 60km/h in urban areas and 120km/h on national highways.

Kanguatjivi said drivers must comply with other road rules such as following distances and not overtaking on blind spots.

He also cautioned road users against overloading and said they must ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy before driving.

Meanwhile, all liquor outlets and shebeens should adhere to the legal operating hours as stipulated on their respective licences, as the police will act against those operating outside these hours and on public holidays.

The Popular democratic Movement (PDM) yesterday also called upon all road users travelling to different destinations both in and outside the country to adhere to the road rules and ensure safe arrival.

“We call upon the roads authorities, the Namibian Police Road Traffic Law Enforcement Officials to ensure strict adherence to all road users to avoid fatalities and loss of lives during this Easter Weekend,” the PDM National Chairperson Jennifer Van Den Heever said.

Last year ten people lost their lives on the country’s roads during the Easter long weekend, despite efforts from relevant stakeholders to ensure that such incidences are limited.

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund reported that last Easter 50 crashes occurred with 147 people sustaining injuries.

According to statistics there were however fewer crashes and fatalities recorded last year. In 2013, the MVA Fund recorded 54 crashes during Easter, while in 2014, 59 crashes were reported. In 2015, 81 crashes were recorded, while 65 were recorded in 2016.

Over the same period nine people died in 2013, six in 2014, and 25 in 2015. The following year 11 deaths were recorded.

A comparative five-year (2013-2017) analysis of crashes, injuries and fatalities reveals that from 2013 until 2015 the number of crashes has been on a steady rise, while a decrease of 23% was noted from 2016 to 2017.

Analysis further indicates that the number of injuries have increased between 2013 and 2015, with a reduction of 18% in 2016.

Compared to 2016, injuries increased by 22% in 2017. The number of fatalities spiked from nine in 2013 to 25 in 2015, while a reduction of 18% is observed in 2017 compared to 2016.


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