Conveying character

With her life's mission to tell stories through acting, we will watch Shakujungua any day while being mesmerised by her beauty.

26 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

The 3rd Will's lead actress allowed tjil to crown her as cover star for this week. An entertainer in so many ways, she shared the traits of the character she impersonates, and her journey in acting.

The 3rd Will is a Namibian series directed by Bienvenu Lukoki; the show airs on Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Zambezi Magic. The TV show's plot narrates a story of two half-brothers waging war over a multibillion-dollar company left behind by their father.

Outlining her character Shakujungua shared that she acts as Charlotte, a villain in the TV series. She mentioned that Charlotte is a feisty, bossy and wealthy woman who grew up in a household with wealthy parents. “She happens to be the youngest sister of the Annely Kamati who was married to the late Mr Kamati,” shared Shakujungua.

She added that Charlotte had a previous relationship with Beukes and disappeared. She later retuned when her sister Annely disappeared and went abroad. “Charlotte is currently raising Annely's son Thomas Kamati, and Grace. She runs all deals associated with the Kamati Empire. She wants to ensure Thomas doesn't marry Lucia, who is set on destroying the Kamati family,” she shared.

Asked if she identifies with her character and what similarities they share, Shakujungua mentioned that Charlotte and her are similar women who are powerfully strong emotionally, mentally and spiritually. “I am cheerful, funny and bubbly. Charlotte is sarcastic, loud, cheeky and rude and pushy and loves to call the shots,” she said.

Shakujungua launched her acting career in 2015; she said that her friend convinced her to go for auditions and she eventually got the role as Charlotte the following year.

Speaking on what she enjoys about acting, the 'villain' said that she loves the fact that she is able to entertain people through acting. She added that being in her position allows her to view different situations through a different lens.

“Acting shows you the advantages and disadvantages of a character as well as the fears and weaknesses of the character. These are situations people go through on a daily basis and I get to express them,” said Shakujungua.

Shakujungua revealed that she has acted in three other roles besides Charlotte. “The other roles did not require so much emotion and they were not as powerful and busy as the character in 3rd Will. Charlotte is a powerful force to be reckoned with,” she shared.

On her goals and aspirations as an actress, Shakujungua said she aspires to do more roles and feature in big international projects. She also said she would love to take on more roles on different stages including theatre. “I love acting and growth is good so I would not mind trying out new roles,” she said.

Besides acting Shakujungua hosts events and she is a contractor for marketing. Even though she enjoys her work, she admitted it comes with challenges. She pointed out not having enough acting gigs and a lack of funds for projects as some of the biggest challenges in her line of work. “The film industry in our country does not also get enough support from corporate entities. Despite the lack of support, the drive and desire for many to be in this industry is huge.”

“I believe when support is given it fuels great ambitions and desires. Support creates opportunity for others to also get entry into the industry,” said Shakujungua.

She believes we all have great dreams but to accomplish these dreams, having the zeal to follow your heart and trusting God is pivotal. “The best is yet to come from my side,” she said.

Bienvenu Lukoki described working with Shakujungua is a pleasant experience. Lukoki shared that Shakujungua is great at embracing her character. “She is passionate about her work so I assume it is even easier for her to learn her lines which makes our work easier.”

“Shakujungua is determined and with her drive I can see her going places,” said Lukoki.


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