Chubby Beats: Musician and marketing whiz

27 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

While in the process of working on his second album, Chubby Beats made time to engage tjil on the progress of that project.

His car stickers are littered on so many taxis in Windhoek and because of that many people often say he runs the streets of Windhoek. But besides being a marketing whiz for his merchandise, clothing brand and car stickers, Chubby Beats is also a musician whose career is blowing up.

He used to be part of the group Magogos and when the group disbanded he embarked on his solo career. With two music videos released in the last two months, the musician is setting the tone for his sophomore album titled My Crown slated for release in December. “As a group we had a successful run, we even got nominated at the Namibian Annual Music Awards in 2017 in the Best Kwaito category. Unfortunately we did not win but just the recognition alone meant a lot to us.

“I felt like my journey with the squad ended and I had my personal dreams to pursue. That is when I launched my solo music career, coupled with other business ventures,” he said.

Speaking about his forthcoming album, Chubby Beats shared that the album carries motivational lyrical content.

He added that it also touches on social issues and addresses what he goes through in life. “Even with my music videos, they are not staged. The bedroom that you see in my latest music video that is where I actually sleep. I just want to tell people that you do not have to sell an image that you are not.

“We are caught up in the hype of things where we feel like we all need to look flashy and successful, but I just want to keep it real and I'm confident it will resonate with a lot of people,” he said.

He disclosed that the album will have 13 songs, stating that he does not want to bombard people with a lot of songs that end up not getting the attention they deserve. “I have selected 13 hot songs, only because often at times artists have a lot of songs on their albums but those songs end up not getting enough airplay,” he said.

He mentioned that his first album was received well by the masses and promised not to let down his fans. “I want to keep impressing my fans. I was happy with how the first album was received, so I want to keep the momentum going. What is special about this album is the same day it will be released I will also launch Chubby Water, my new business venture,” he said.


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