An opportunity of a lifetime

Four local Namibian girls and a coordinator got an opportunity of a lifetime to attend a workshop in Sweden or better known as the Global School.

01 October 2019 | Education

Joan Mbago

The Global School is an exchange programme between the Swedish and Namibian people to discuss topics that are affecting the world today, debates about the problems the world faces and how we can overcome them is the main focus of the Global school. Issues like politics, leadership and feminisms are examples of issues debated about.

The Namibian crew was overjoyed to receive an invitation letter from “Unga Ornar” which partnered with The Children’s Movement of Namibia. The selected members were chosen to go represent The Children’s Movement in Sweden were Frieda Asino (19), Ramyna Coetzee (18), Jaydean Mouton (17) Sylvia Amunime (15) and Eveline Nakale arrived in Sweden, Gothenburg on the 23 June 2019.

A small township called Munkedal was their first destination of where they spend five days for the Global School.

The 24th of June 2019 was day 1 of the Global School. Over a delicious cup of tea the President of Unga Ornar Vast, Lisa led the program and discussed about politics and the Swedish political system. She further went on and explained how important politics is.

“Politics is every important because everything you do is based on politics. Your education is politics why? Because it is the politicians who decide what educational system their going to follow.” She said.

This was an experience of a lifetime for the Namibians because they have never experienced live debates especially when it comes to budgets. Due to withholding of information about the debate it was postponed.

The inception

Unga Ornar started in 1938 it was created for children and it strongly believes that every child in the world has the right to play and have fun. The Unga Ornar member implemented a law in the Swedish parliament that every child has the right to have fun or better yet in Swedish “ratt att ha kul”.

This was a huge realization for the Namibians on how much the youth can make a big difference in their country, if they put their minds to it. The Namibians also explained what The Movement Children’s is and what it does.

The values of The Children’s Movement were explained and how members live their lives through those values which are respect yourself, respect the others and respect for the environment.

The End

The group spent 5 days at the camping side where fun activities and ice breakers were held. This gave a chance for the teenagers from different corners of the world to interact with each other and they definitely did not know a lot about Africa. The teens from different worlds had to adapt to each other and loosen up.

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