109 NBC workers dump Napwu

Herma Prinsloo


More than 100 Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) earlier this month defected from Namibia Public Workers Union(Napwu) to join a rival union, in a move described as a “vote of no confidence” in Napwu.

The workers were allegedly not happy with the manner in which Napwu handled the month-long strike, with some saying the union did little to advance the interests of the workers.

As it stands, the Public Service Union of Namibia (PSUN) is on course to assume the bargaining authority at NBC, a position held by Napwu since the formation of NBC.

NBC director-general Stanley Similo recently wrote to Napwu general secretary Petrus Nevonga, informing him that his union’s membership at the corporation had waned to below 51%.

Napwu however has until September to regain majority status.

PSUN president Titus Sitentu was reserved when asked whether his union would move to replace Napwu at the state broadcaster.

“That thing can only take place after three months as per the law. We can only become the exclusive bargaining agent as from September, that is when we will hand in our recognition agreement. We have 100 employees of NBC, majority of them resigned from Napwu, now we are more than 50 plus 1%,” Sitentu said.

Despite being in a favourable position at this point in time, Sitentu felt the situation could still change.

“Napwu has an opportunity now to convince the employees that left and if they cannot do it by September then their status will lapse and then the union which has the majority workers will become the exclusive bargaining unit,” Sitentu said.

Nevonga felt Napwu could retain its bargaining power at the corporation.

“It is possible, this are issues that form part of our operations. We will have it rectified, but I may not mention as how we will do it,” Nevonga said.

“This letter serves to inform you that Napwu no longer holds the 51% plus 1 majority to qualify as the exclusive bargaining unit. Your union membership as of 1 June 2021 is 45.5%,” Similo informed Nevonga, regarding the union’s bargaining power.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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