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The world commemorated World Children's Day last week. The Zone team asked children how they will commemorate the day.
Esmeralda Berenice /Uira

I will be celebrating by watching football, as my favourite team, the Orlando Pirates, will be playing. Additionally, we all know that football is back in Namibia, so I will definitely also be keeping an eye out for that. Lastly, the World Cup will be starting – who does not want to watch the kickoff match.

Petrus Lukas

I will be educating other children on this day, as I believe that not so many children have sufficient knowledge about this day and the reason why it is commemorated. I will be educating them through my foundation, which I started a few weeks back. It is called the Petrus Lukas foundation.

Lealand Waters

I will be commemorating it with a ‘lekker’ braai with my younger cousins and creating moments and memories that are worthwhile as we embrace this celebration. Additionally, we will just be enjoying as much Netflix as possible, seeing as it is the popular thing now.

Ruusa Salomon

I will be using all the different social platforms to raise as much awareness as possible on the day, especially using the platforms that captivate as many children as possible. This awareness is of the utmost importance, as it will allow the different children to understand why the day is celebrated.

Fenny Kaniita

I will be going to church and asking God to be with all the children around the world, especially those that are experiencing a lot of difficulties in their lifetime. Additionally, I will also be raising awareness about disabilities so that children with disabilities can understand that disability is not an inability.

Jason Sheepo

I will be hosting/creating activities that are inclusive of all the children, with and without disabilities. I will also be doing a lot of teaching on the different rights that the Namibian children have, especially those from the UN convention, and lastly, I will be watching some football as the FIFA World Cup officially kicks off.


Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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