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Namibian athletes hold the Namibian flag high

Namibia at the Commonwealth Games
At the 2022 Commonwealth Games that took place in Birmingham, 31 Namibian athletes from eight sports disciplines took part.

Initially, there should have been nine sports disciplines represented by Namibia at the games, but due to a disagreement in a matter that eventually reached the High Court over who regulates gymnastics in Namibia, two female gymnasts, Emilia Ekandjo and Shayna Schutte, could not participate.

Namibia bagged a total of four bronze medals at the games, placing the country in 29th place with the number of medals won over the years, which totals 24 medals.

The medals Namibia has won at the Commonwealth Games over the years include five gold medals, four silver medals and 15 bronze medals.

Frankie Fredericks won two gold medals and all four silver medals during his athletic career.

In 2018, Helalia Johannes and Ananias Shikongo brought home the country’s last two gold medals to date.

Of the 15 bronze medals, four were won during the 2022 games by Alexander Miller (men’s mountain bike, cross-country race), Helalia Johannes (women’s marathon), Christine Mboma (women’s 200m race) and Ananias Shikongo (men’s 100 m, T11/T12).

Namibia made its debut at the Commonwealth Games in 1994 in Victoria, Canada.

Frankie Fredericks claimed the country’s first two medals at the Games, a gold in the 200m and a bronze in the 100m final.

The National Olympic Committee was formed in the year 1990, which marks the same year Namibia became one of the Commonwealth countries.


Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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