A week for mental health

Ndinomukwathi Abiatar
Mental health has always been something that the youth struggle to maintain, but eventually, we all found ways to pull through and stay consistent with our state of well-being. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act towards ourselves and around our loved ones.

The Children’s Movement (TCM) Jan Möhr Secondary School branch had a mental health awareness week during the first week of September for the whole school in support of someone dealing with mental health issues. TCM members sold mental health awareness ribbons to their peers and school staff the entire week and each had to wear a green ribbon until the end of the week. The group had small cards that they handed out to anyone at school which composed of words of encouragement, upliftment and compliments, which the members decorated and tied each one of the pupils with a lovely rainbow ribbon.

As mental health has to do with feelings and emotions, TCM member's believed that positive language could possibly boost one’s confidence as they are most likely to blossom just like a flower at their own given time. It makes it easy for one to open up also about their stormy seas they have been dealing with for days, weeks and months, which made them notice that the school grounds is also a safe place for everyone and the more communication there is, the more cheerful the environment is. Learners and the respected school staff were offered a new perspective on life, which simply made them feel stronger, and until this day, some still wear the green ribbons and have the cards as reference to the event.

TCM members believe that mental health also contributes to learners' academic performance and staff's ability to work efficiently. TCM will continue to advocate on mental health and not just be the voice of it but also provide emotional support every day, not just once in a year. They to encourage the community to continue to spread awareness on mental health and always lend a hand to help the next person in need.

Remember, you are not alone. You are seen, we are we with you and you are your unique self yet to blossom, so depression does not define who you are.


Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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