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Oshakati corruption-accused cops out on bail

Tuyeimo Haidula
Two police officers who were arrested for fraud and corruptly using their office and positions for gratification last week were granted bail on Monday.

Onesmus Shimweefeleni (43) and Helena Shilongo (33) have each been granted bail of N$1 500.

The officers, who hold the rank of sergeant class two, are from the crime investigations unit and the operations unit. Both are based at the Oshakati Police Station.

Oshana community affairs officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, said the two allegedly accepted a bribe of N$2 700 between August and 19 September at Oshakati on different occasions.

“It is alleged that the suspects corruptly used their office or position for gratification after they conspired to complete an accident report for a certain member of the public whose motor vehicle was involved in an accident while driven by someone else,” he said.

Insurance fraud

The suspects reportedly made false statements with the intention to injure the third party [an insurance firm] and received an amount of N$1 700, to which another N$1 000 was added later as an inducement and as a reward for having done or omitted to do something.

Aiyambo said Shimweefeleni commanded Shilongo to complete the report. Police investigations into the matter continue.

The case has been postponed to 25 January 2023. As part of their bail conditions, the officers are not allowed to be in contact with state witnesses.

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Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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