I am broke
I am broke

More woes for Fishrot curators

Jemima Beukes
The Fishrot curators are facing more questions over the assets of the incarcerated persons implicated in the fishing scandal.

The latest questions come from Ricardo Gustavo, who wants to know about the status of his assets before the curators can be allowed to relinquish their responsibilities.

Gustavo, who allegedly benefitted to the tune of around N$18 million from Fishrot, is currently out on N$800 000 bail.

In papers filed at the High Court last week, the former investment banker said he is short of cash and is greatly concerned about the whereabouts of his assets and the state they are in.

Gustavo has now joined the chorus of those who have raised concerns about the application of liquidators Ian Mclaren and David Bruni to be exonerated from their duties as curators of the assets of the Fishrot accused.

Lack of capacity

Earlier this month, the liquidating duo filed an application with the High Court saying they do not have the capacity to continue in their role.

They added that the bureaucracy of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and police officers is hampering and frustrating their work.

Prosecutor-General (PG) Martha Imalwa, as well as another Fishrot accused, James Hatuikulipi, have since opposed their application.

Gustavo said he does not oppose Bruni and Mclaren’s application, but he wants to know if his assets are still intact.

His foremost grievance is that he, as one of the owners of these assets, was not involved in the meetings held between the applicants, Imalwa, her lawyers and the office of the Master of the High Court.

He also questioned why "the amount of financial security by the curators is allegedly to this day not made public".

He added: "It is further at present unclear as to who exactly has effective custody of my assets; moreover I do not even know in what condition those assets are. Despite the above, I do sympathise with the rather unfortunate circumstances that Bruni and Mclaren found themselves in and can only applaud their efforts."

Clouded thinking

Gustavo also said the Windhoek correctional facility, where he was incarcerated until he secured bail in December, was not conducive to his thinking, and as a result it was difficult for him to think clearly as most of his time was spent on securing bail.

His great anxiety at this point, per the court filings, is the appeal lodged by the PG against his bail, an event that is taking up all his scarce resources and attention at the moment, even though he believes the effect of this legal storm will be his "reincarnation".

"I am severely strained and so is my legal practitioner of record, who, despite my case, is also seized with other matters from which he should be making a living. I am further financially challenged and only have the little I have to go by, with mostly assistance from my family. I am severely and in over my head, with no end in sight. It is a known fact that my accounts are frozen," he said.

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Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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