Otjiwarongo water infrastructure to remain stable

Enzo Amuele
The Otjiwarongo municipality, which currently relies solely on NamWater for all of its water supply, is working on several water supply upgrade projects to improve water supply security to the town's growing population.

According to Adelheid Shilongo, the municipality's public relations officer, short-term plans to increase the town’s water storage capacity are at an advanced stage, with the assistance of stakeholders.

The municipality intends to commence with construction early next year.

Among its medium and long-term plans, the municipality intends to construct a waste-water treatment plant that will be used for industrial purposes.

"Our current water demand is still within a tolerable limit. We are being proactive in supplementing this supply with the envisaged wastewater treatment plant," she said.


Shilongo said the treatment plant will treat waste water to a quality that it can be used industrially. It will also be built with the potential to produce potable water.

The municipality operates a sewerage treatment plant in the north-western part of the town with a daily treatment capacity of 3 300 cubic metres.

Shilongo noted, however, that the municipality did not budget for a water-system upgrade this financial year but intends to undertake projects with its stakeholders to expand the water reticulation network.

"The municipality intends to conduct maintenance activities such as the replacement of an elevated tower and the repair of others, which is expected to cost N$4 million collectively."


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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