LEADERSHIP: The mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevino Forbes. Photo Leandrea Mouers
LEADERSHIP: The mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevino Forbes. Photo Leandrea Mouers

Walvis Bay mayor commits to Farm 37 progress

Burning issues addressed
The mayor of Walvis Bay has addressed a number of issues that were brought up at the recently concluded public meetings.
Leandrea Mouers
Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes has said the municipality is still committed to the development of Farm 37 into a township, and progress must take place within the next six months.

"At the most recent public meetings hosted, residents wanted to know: when are we moving people to Farm 37; how are we going to do it; what services will be available for those being relocated; and most importantly, who is being moved there?" the mayor said.

He added: "We have committed to the residents of this town that within six months there will be a movement towards Farm 37. Let's get busy with the logistical aspects of this project. Come March or April 2023, I do not want to hear excuses, just progress feedback," he said.

Other issues

In terms of overcrowding in the Tutaleni informal settlement, Forbes said the council and the administration will work on an action plan to determine the way forward.

"From my understanding, the current sizes of houses at Tutaleni do not meet the requirements and the congestion in Tutaleni was due to a council resolution. This council will look into these matters as a matter of urgency."

Forbes also clarified that there is no budget for youth development under the urban constituency council.

"The only budget allocated to them is the constituency development fund, which the constituency office allocated to various community projects. Although council already resolved the construction of two vocational centres, we must apply pressure for the commencement of the construction process."

Engage with issues

On social issues, Forbes said "we are going through a phase where teenage pregnancy, as well as drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth, is at an all-time high in our town. It is our core responsibility to create an environment that is conducive for youth developmental projects and programmes to engage the youth to better spend their productive years constructively."

He added that Walvis Bay is facing a challenge in terms of ageing infrastructure.

"We will engage with central government to prioritise the replacement of the ageing infrastructure," he said.

Forbes added: "The cleanliness of the town is an issue that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. This needs to be done by both the council as well as the residents of Walvis Bay. However, council must take the lead. As it has been said, prevention is better than cure, so let us keep our town clean."


Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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