EXPENSIVE SKILLS: Qualifications at King Cup Medical Institute in Rehoboth are not accredited. 
EXPENSIVE SKILLS: Qualifications at King Cup Medical Institute in Rehoboth are not accredited. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Rehoboth institution’s courses not accredited

Elizabeth Joseph
The Rehoboth community was cautioned against enrolling for pricey, non-accredited short courses with King Cup Medical Institution on social media yesterday.

A community member took his concerns to Facebook, writing: "This institution offers short courses that are only for skills development and are not accredited by Namibia Qualifications Authority [NQA], which means that these courses are not qualifications and are not recognised by the nursing council, ministry of higher education and NQA".

King Cup, which offers six-month courses for N$9 000 and requires a N$1 700 registration fee, responded to the rant and admitted that its courses aren’t accredited but “boost students’ skills”.

The courses include health caregiving, medical office reception and pharmacy sales.

According to a statement released by the institution, they offer skills development training, but no qualifications are attached – despite the exorbitant price tags.

"The institute does not offer any qualification-awarding courses but courses which lead to skills and knowledge-based development.”

King Cup added that students receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of their course.

"This means that they [the certificates] are not credit-bearing and should not be confused with higher certificates and diploma programmes," the statement read.

Not a crime

Although students might not be able to land a job after completing these courses, the Health Professions Council of Namibia said in essence, there is no crime being committed; though people are being robbed of their time and money.

"The ministry of health and other companies will not choose to hire someone with basic caregiving skills but would opt for a qualified nurse instead," it said.

NQA refused to reveal whether King Cup has – in fact – applied for accreditation.

"We cannot give that information because it is private. From the start of the application till its completion, information cannot be shared," it said.

King Cup could not be reached for further comment, but alluded to its application for accreditation in its statement.


Namibian Sun 2022-11-27

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