Do more with less, urges Nghipondoka

Henriette Lamprecht
"I recognise and take note of the difficult circumstances in which we all work. In particular, the lack of teachers; the learners in the northern parts affected by floods; our teachers and learners nationwide who are still without decent classrooms and sufficient teaching materials."

According to the minister of education, arts and culture Anna Nghipondoka, education stakeholders should “prioritise to ensure the best outcome from the few resources at our disposal".

The education sector has been hit by droughts and an economic downturn in the past five years, while implementing reforms, she said. This led to a decrease in resources at a time when the sector needed them the most and again had a negative impact on reform plans.

Implementation has been hampered by shortages of classrooms, residences, teaching materials and staff with little to no attention paid to the continuing professional development of teachers, she said.

However, according to her, the ministry is about to implement proposals from last year’s national education conference.

Efforts are also being made to recover from the scars the Covid-19 pandemic left on the sector in terms of comprehensive skills and knowledge.

Targeted inventions

Referring to the 2022 examination results, the minister said they have been thoroughly analysed with immediate and targeted interventions carried out at all levels.

Nghipondoka emphasised that everything will be done with the minimum resources available to the ministry.

She warned that this means more innovation and initiative "to do more with less" as well as accountability, work ethic, transparency, integrity, participation and efficiency.

She added that adequate coordination between head office and regional offices is critical to ensure, among other things, the speedy supply of resources.

She further issued a stern warning to staff who "ride on the backs of others" to seriously examine their work ethic and commitment.

“Ask yourself: What can I do to improve? Am I worth the value of my compensation at the end of each month? Have you ever thought that having a job as a civil servant is not a right, but a privilege that you should cherish?

“Somewhere out there, there is someone who is better qualified and has better skills, but due to circumstances does not have the privilege you have."

Nghipondoka said stakeholders must create a new way of thinking and doing "because we simply cannot continue at the same pace and with the same attitude".

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Namibian Sun 2023-03-30

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