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Time to surrender illegal firearms
Time to surrender illegal firearms

Time to surrender illegal firearms

Grace period
The public is encouraged to surrender illicit and unwanted firearms, ammunition and related materials by 20 September without fear of prosecution. 
Ellanie Smit
Those in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition in Namibia will again be given a grace period this month to surrender all unlicensed firearms, armaments and ammunition to the police without being prosecuted.

Namibia again joins African Union member states to commemorate African Amnesty Month in September.

The month is marked by the surrendering of illicit and unwanted firearms, ammunition and related materials.

According to the safety and security ministry, this is a rare opportunity that is valid from 1 to 20 September.


The ministry said that on 6 December 2020, an Extraordinary Session of the African Union assembly of the heads of state and government was held in Johannesburg.

The session recommitted to the implementation of the AU Master Roadmap of Practical Steps for Silencing of Guns in Africa by 2020 through the extension of African Amnesty Month.

"Africa must seek to put an end to all wars, civil conflicts, gender-based violence, violent conflict and genocide to fulfil the objectives of Agenda 2063," said the ministry.

It said that the government underscores its commitment to the AU Agenda 63 aspiration for a peaceful and secure Africa.

Rare chance

During the amnesty period last year, 570 illegal firearms were surrendered and 24 334 rounds of ammunition.

The highest number of firearms and ammunition were surrendered in Omusati, where 135 firearms and 2 635 pieces of ammunition were handed over to the police.

The lowest number was surrendered in the Zambezi Region, where only two firearms were handed over.

Namibia also implemented an amnesty period for the surrender of illegal weapons and ammunition in 2016.

At the time, police received 1 276 firearms, 99 509 rounds of ammunition, and 81 unexploded ordnance, all of which were destroyed.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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