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REIGN OF TERROR: Young boys in Rundu have turned to a life of crime.
REIGN OF TERROR: Young boys in Rundu have turned to a life of crime. PHOTO: KENYA KAMBOWE

Schoolboy gang terrorises Rundu residents

Kenya Kambowe
Schoolboys as young as 12 are alleged to be part of a gang currently terrorising Rundu residents, robbing them of expensive gadgets. Some victims have been left naked and bruised after an encounter with the so-called Ndama Boys – so named because the boys allegedly hail from Rundu’s Ndama informal settlement.

The gang is known to strike in the early morning hours when alcohol establishments and night clubs close their doors and patrons are making their way home.

Some victims said they were attacked in areas without street lights.

Namibian Sun understands the boys move in groups of five to 10, and once they descend on their victim, they pull out their knives and demand belongings like cellphones.

With Rundu having a marijuana problem, these youngsters are believed to take drugs before they go out and cause havoc.

In an interview, Kavango East police crime coordinator, deputy commissioner Bonifatius Kanyetu, said police have in recent weeks tried by all means to deal with the situation.

He said a number of the boys have been arrested; however, there are about five boys known to the police who are still on the run.

Destabilising the gang

“We are looking at it from various merits because it is subsiding as most of these youngsters are in custody. We arrested a number of them.

“Once you have identified one of the gangsters, you destabilise the gang,” he explained.

“Following the drastic situation we had some months ago, we started with an operation in July and August and the crime by these boys has gone down drastically. However, there are still pockets of these boys; there are about four to five still on the run [and] we are looking for them.

“They are very young boys, 12 and 13 [years old], with the oldest being 18. Some of them are in the custody of their parents, who have been warned.”

Kanyetu said the drive for these boys to commit crime is not poverty, but rather a case of parents not fulfilling their obligation to look after their children.

He added that suspects’ parents have been given clear instructions that they will be liable if their children continue to commit crimes.

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Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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