Gewapende mans het Maandagoggend sowat N$250 000 by Scrap Salvage in die hoofstad geroof. Foto
Gewapende mans het Maandagoggend sowat N$250 000 by Scrap Salvage in die hoofstad geroof. Foto

Robbers strike at scrapyard

Augetto Graig
"When we drove in, they followed us and immediately we were threatened with firearms. We handed over the money and they ran away," Winton Geyser (62), executive director of the Epic group, owners of a series of Scrap Salvage scrap storage businesses nationwide, said.

The incident took place on Monday morning around 10:50 in Windhoek's Southern Industrial Area, at the Scrap Salvage premises in Edison Street.

"It all happened so quickly," Geyser, who was robbed with his colleague by two armed thugs, said.

"They ran out to my car and started shooting at it and throwing stones at it. I was already in the purchasing office at the time and was able to unlock the car door with the remote control button in my pocket. They opened the door and took the money in the car. Then they jumped in the getaway car, and it was over," he said.


Namibian police spokesperson, warrant officer Silas Shipandeni, said they suspect there were at least three suspects involved, but added that there may have been another person in the getaway vehicle with the driver.

He said it seems the robbers knew someone would come with money, because Geyser came directly from the bank with cash for petty cash purchases.

According to a police report, N$250 000 was stolen during the robbery.

It said security camera footage showed that the suspects were waiting for Geyser and his colleague in front of the business. The footage showed that the robbers quickly attacked the two men and that they fired several shots, with two bullets left lodged in Geyser's car.

The suspects fled in a silver Volkswagen Polo sedan.

According to the police, the getaway car's number plate - N966663W - is fake and is not on the registration system.

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects is urged to contact Chief Inspector Simeon Ngilalulwa at 081 256 0988. Geyser added that Scrap Salvage will offer a substantial reward for information.

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Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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