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FUEL: A man is facing charges for the illegal trade in fuel. PHOTO: FILE
FUEL: A man is facing charges for the illegal trade in fuel. PHOTO: FILE

Police arrest alleged illegal fuel trader

Elizabeth Joseph
The police have arrested a 40-year-old man in Oshakai after they discovered nine 20-litre containers of fuel at his home on Sunday.

The man, who was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, is accused of smuggling fuel into Namibia from Angola.

He faces charges related to the illegal trade in fuel and for contravening section 2{3} A, B & C of the Petroleum Products and Energy Act, Act 13 of 1990.

A case of assault and domestic violence was opened against a 28-year-old man after he attacked his girlfriend and damaged her property.

The incident took place in Tsumkwe on Friday.

The police reported that the suspect had accused his girlfriend of having an affair.

The suspect reportedly undressed the complainant, beat her, and burned her clothing.

The police are investigating a reported rape that took place on Friday night at the Oneeya village in the Okongo settlement. It is alleged that a 30-year-old woman was raped by a 29-year-old man.

The suspect allegedly pretended that he had been sent by the victim's boyfriend to pick her up. He then threatened the victim with a ‘knopkierrie’, grabbed her by force, undressed her and raped her.

The suspect has not yet been arrested.

Home intruder shot

The police reported that an alleged intruder was shot on Friday in the early morning hours by the homeowner.

According to police, the deceased entered the house of the 45-year-old homeowner and attacked his two daughters as he tried to rob them of their phones.

The suspect was sleeping and was woken by the commotion. He reportedly fired several warning shots.

He told the police that the deceased stormed him and he shot him in self-defence with a licensed firearm. The deceased's name is not known at this stage.

The deceased has not been identified and his next of kin have not yet been informed.One-year-old Hailie Grace Pombili Kapia drowned in a 20-litre bucket, which had been half-filled with water, on Friday at Otuwala village, Oshakati.

In Rundu, it is alleged that 10-year-old Kaliye Sara died after she was hit by a vehicle on Friday at about 17:25 at Kambowo, Rundu district.

On Saturday, the police found remains that they suspect are human, at the Namwater dumping area along the Fish River in Mariental.

It is reported that a 46-year-old Namibian man who was searching for meteorite pieces found the remains.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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