A new look for Oryx Properties

Celebrating two decades
Following retail studies, Oryx Properties has undertaken to improve the overall shopping experience.
In 2022 Oryx Properties – owners and managers of Maerua Mall – celebrate their 20th year in existence.

The first step on the road to modernisation came about with the adaptation of their logo in 2021.

“We not only changed our branding, but realised we needed to adapt our operations and assets to continue to be profitable and attract the right people to the right offering,” mall management said.

Modernisation of their biggest asset came to the table and new thinking kicked off which is soon to bear fruit.

Listening to clients

However, Oryx Properties did not plan and strategise in a vacuum. They conducted retail studies to ascertain what Maerua Mall’s customers want and need and where they can improve the overall shopping experience. Some of the consumer requests can be implemented immediately, while others are part of a three-phased enhancement project

Tenants were also consulted to find out what Oryx could do to help them produce optimum sales.

All the upcoming enhancements were done in conjunction with a specialised retail architect to augment the Namibian flavour and flair that Maerua Mall is known for, while at the same time welcoming international brands that shoppers are looking for.

Maerua Mall wishes to remain unique and they’re the only mall that has an offering of more than 55 local entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to the success of these Namibian business people with pop-up shops which offer a unique opportunity to establish local brands at affordable rates.

Looking ahead

Over the next three years, Maerua Mall will be entirely repositioned. The first of three phases, designed to address shopper and tenant feedback to enrich the overall customer experience, will be completed within the next 12 months, subject to pre-let conditions.

The new additions and changes will include outside restaurants, improved customer convenience, improved accessibility, and additional Gross Leasable Area. Further phases currently being planned will focus on creating a WORK, LIVE, PLAY environment. “We are elated about the next three years and are confident that consumers will join in our excitement.“


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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