PROUDLY NAMIBIAN: The cast of 'Ompata' at the premiere last weekend. PHOTO: Contributed
PROUDLY NAMIBIAN: The cast of 'Ompata' at the premiere last weekend. PHOTO: Contributed

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'Ompata' elevates Namibian film industry
A review of the Namibian film 'Ompata'.
Local film fanatics flocked to Ster Kinekor in Maerua Mall last Friday for the red carpet premiere of ‘Ompata’, a film by Roger Rafael.

When categorised, the film can fall under action and drama genres, and it tells the story of a group of people's business dealings in informal settlements.

Kasi life is built around the hustling lifestyle so it only makes sense that Rafael and his team talk about this part of the game. Considering Rafael’s come up, it was nothing short of humble and that is what the movie directly addresses to an extent.


The lingo used puts the movie into perspective, with the cast’s acting with conviction showing that the subject matter is close to their hearts. This made it authentic and relatable.

The soundtrack is another highlight. The songs in 'Ompata' are relatable and speak to the plot of the movie, and I hope those tracks will be shared on digital streaming platforms soon.

Moreover, what separates this movie from anything that’s out there is the editing! Clean, consistent and relevant to the concept of the film.


While the film was well put together, there are certain elements that could have been executed better. One of these being character development. There are also few moments where characters pop up without being properly introduced.

Overall, the story could have been structured better. With this in mind, I highly recommend you watch the 'Ompata' YouTube series first to avoid being left with so many questions.

Rating: 3/5


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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