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Max Junior is a pretty new name in the mainstream spotlight, and his art is about to stir up the game. With a unique hip-hop and R&B sound and authentic delivery, Max Junior’s story is only beginning, and we can only wait for the impact. Here is his story.


Real name Max Moalusi, the musician was born in Windhoek, but was raised in Arandis.

“Arandis shaped me into the person I am as that is where most of my influences come from,” he said.

In an interview with tjil, the 24-year-old shared he started making music when he was a teenager, when he started a kwaito group with two friends.

“Unfortunately, I never really felt comfortable with that genre so it ended, but then starting 2014 I channelled my energy to a genre that I love, which is hip-hop.”

He released a couple of singles and followed them up with a mixtape ‘Juice Drops’ in 2018. His remarkable contributions to the industry have earned him a considerable number of fans, who he refers to as “fanily”.

New music

One of the Namibian artists with a well curated and conceptualised music video on the market currently, Max Junior said after having studied the industry, he is now in his element with the release of his new single, ‘Innocent.’

“I recently dropped this single with a music video shot by Spectrum Media.

“I am enjoying the positive reaction the song and video are getting. For a lack of a better expression, I think the music video really got the whole country speechless.

“I promise not to take a long break from music any more and I intend on serving my fans with good content back-to-back,” he vowed.

On the making of ‘Innocent’ music video, Max Junior mentioned that stunning shots and portraying elegance were the concepts that went into the making of the video.

He said because the song speaks about empowerment of women over a laidback beat, it just felt right for the sonic direction he took.

“I started making music in 2008, and I believe this new song and video demonstrates my experience.

“It is important to make this distinction as there are people who think I started making music in 2014,” he said, adding that music has always been a big part of his life since his grandfather made music and his parents used to encourage him to dance for friends and family members.

Future plans

On what fans can expect from him for the rest of the year, Max Junior admitted he currently has no plans to release an album.

He shared that he is focusing on releasing singles and content for the masses to get to know him.

“So, expect lot of visuals and great music from me, just not packaged as a body of work.”

Closing off the conversation with tjil, the musician expressed gratitude to his fans for taking the time to listen to his art, adding that he is grateful for the support.

“I will continue to meet your expectations and I pray we grow together because the long-term goal is for my music to be international at least in the next five years.”


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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