STYLE: Model Varaa Hambira on the runway for Zuriel by Luis Munana. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED
STYLE: Model Varaa Hambira on the runway for Zuriel by Luis Munana. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

MTC Windhoek Fashion Week in review

Vibrant, spectacular trends
This year, MTC Windhoek Fashion Week took place from 1 to 5 November in the capital under the theme 'sustainably Namibian'.
What MTC Windhoek Fashion Week has done - and continues to do - is put Namibia on the continental and global map by including African designers in its line-ups.

The week-long event opened with a welcoming party on Tuesday, 1 November, which was followed by the Fashion Pitch Night and a Fashion Meets Sound networking mixer, leading up to the runway shows, which commenced on Friday, 4 November.

The event saw about 40 new and established designers showing off their designs on the runway.

Standout collections

The standouts included collections by Sirenga by Leone Shimuketa, Stephan van Eeden, Indangwu by uMthobie Sibanda, Luxe Hub, Santia Poroto and Zuriel by Luis Munana.

Of these, Sirenga stood head and shoulders above the rest, and the brand – true to its streetwear DNA – presented a progressive, gender-neutral offering. The hard-to-miss piece was a grey jacket with plenty of pockets, worn by male model Kutenda Nyamupfudza. Sirenga is not stopping any time soon.

For Poroto, prints were the order of the day; they filtered onto shirts and trousers.

With sheer fabrics in free-flowing silhouettes, this year her collections also featured a lot of female looks, which is usually not the case. The female inclusion was refreshing.

Munana’s Zuriel once again showcased an impressive collection that exuded luxury. The trends this time are a comeback of older styles and a reinterpretation of new ones. From bold to conceptual designs, Zuriel set the tone for what we’ll be wearing for months to come.

Lacking showmanship

However, despite Munana’s collection being bomb, the showmanship was a little underwhelming when considering the standard he has gotten us used to. Remember how he had a brass band with so many people last year and literally shut it down?

I expected something bigger and grander to top that this time around, not a modest violinist band.

Not being on time is another element the organisers need to work on and get right, as details like those take so much away from the overall experience.


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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