ANOTHER ONE: Exit released the sonically-pleasing ‘Oshikombo 30’ last week. PHOTO: Contributed
ANOTHER ONE: Exit released the sonically-pleasing ‘Oshikombo 30’ last week. PHOTO: Contributed

Exit delivers ‘Oshikombo 30’

Exit’s 2022 album, ‘Oshikombo 30’, arrived last week and - as the title suggests - the established hitmaker is confidently seizing the moment with the new release, showcasing not only his ability to grow and adapt sonically with the changing times, but also his desire to discover some of the hottest talent brewing underground in Namibia’s musical landscape.

From Manxebe, Page and Zoosh Fernando to Buju Katyoko, Dallas Convey, ChinaMan and more, one thing that stands out on the project is the range of young talent involved.

The album, which is an hour and four minutes long, boasts 16 songs. It opens with ‘The Family’, an intro that features Exit’s children and nephew introducing themselves and urging you to go listen to the offering.

It’s surprising that an artist as culturally relevant - for over a decade - as Exit would need to reveal a different side of himself, but his need to try out new stylistic choices is proof of how competitive the soundscape in Namibia currently is.

Right now, Namibian music is crammed with various styles and Exit doesn’t box himself into one category. Throughout his career, he has shown that he can do street anthems and also deliver the more mellow, reflective tracks.

Adding another string to his finely-tuned bow, ‘Oshikombo 30’ shows Exit’s continued reign as a street legend and a musical savant with a shiny legacy who takes divergent sonic shifts, but stays true to his familiar tough-talking, kwaito and Afropop-infused hip-hop.

Some of the songs where he experiments with genres include ‘Catering’ featuring King Elegant, 'Load, Aim and Shoot’ featuring Buju Katyoko, Page and Young T as well as ‘Centimeter’, which also features Page. These tracks take a more reggae dancehall sonic direction, which is a genre that Exit isn’t known for, but it is safe to say he executed it impressively.

Released last week, the album is available for streaming on all major streaming platforms, while physical copies are available at music retail shops countrywide.

Rating: 4.5/5


Namibian Sun 2022-12-04

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