Bomba Shiguedha – the family man and entrepreneur

An inside look at how Bomba Shiguedha help built Kasi Vibe, one of the most successful and consistent festivals in Namibia.
MICHAEL KAYUNDEWINDHOEKThe title ‘uncle’ is apt for role models, the upright and Uncle Bomba – a Namibian businessman, promoter and events organiser who falls into some of th ...


Vitalis Indongo J 2 Month Ago 17 June 2022

Bomba Shiguedha Congratulations, keep doing great things We are super proud of you, is good that you realize that father's day is important day even though you never have believe in them.. You're doing great job boss towards the community as well.. Keep the business going, do not serender, since you attend school in okakarara for three years, in otjiherero we said Omwatje omuzandu usokurira ependa


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