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It's hard to talk about artists raising the bar of Namibian music and not drop Vikta Juiceboy's name in the conversation.
In a short space of time, Vikta Juiceboy’s music has transcended to levels radiating influence and reach, and in a sit-down, tjil spoke to the ‘Scared’ hitmaker on authenticity and how his forthcoming album will touch the listener.

Over the last few years, Vikta Juiceboy has built his career off his constant drive to be considered the best on the music scene, and today, many will agree that he has achieved that level already.

In fact, one might say he actually got to that level a while ago, but he probably hadn’t realised it.

Having just announced his second album titled ‘Itashipu’, set for release on Monday, 3 October, the conversation with tjil was aimed at dissecting the project and chatting about how everything seems to be coming full circle for him.

Updating his audience on how he is doing, the musician shared that he is feeling holy.

“Ever since ‘Bless Up The Album’, I haven’t felt this excited. It feels good to be right here, chatting about my second studio album.”

Fusion of soul

On the sonic direction he took on ‘Itashipu’, Vikta Juiceboy mentioned that this is probably the best body of work he has ever put together, adding that he has been trying to tweak his fusion of soul music with other genres and he thinks he finally got the balance right on this album.

“As much as this is a mourning album, there’s so many great sounds that also don’t have to make you sad but get you vibing. The features are amazing. The track list is perfect,” he said.

‘Itashipu’ is named after the musician’s late brother, and he said he hopes this album gives fans the strength to learn how to live through the pain of losing a loved one.

As it’s a personal album, tjil asked how difficult it was to channel these emotions through the music, to which Vikta Juiceboy responded: “This album means a lot to me. My late brother was my mother’s only other child and he meant the world to me.

“My music has always had a fusion of soul. There’s always emotions in my music. It wasn’t that challenging to channel the emotions through the music; I put my whole heart in it, my mind and my all.”

“I had to do it for my brother. I really just wanted to make him proud. I dearly hope wherever he is, he is smiling right now,” Vikta Juiceboy said.

17 songs for 17 years

On the creatives he worked with on the album, Vikta Juiceboy mentioned Exit, Page, KP Illest, Tesh and TopCheri.

Other features include TK The Rapper, Shaiyah, ML, Cota Mati, Michael Pulse, Tuko Lavaduro and Indodaeyabhunguka from South Africa. Production wise, he worked with DJ Chronic, Andrew On The Beat and Kevin Too Good.

“I wouldn’t have made beautiful songs without your keys,” he said of the producers.

“Itashipu passed when he was 17, so the album boasts 17 songs,” he added.

Life and death

On the takeaway message he hopes fans will grasp from the project, he said he wants people to learn how to live with the fact that with birth always comes death, and that that will never change.

He added when dealing with the loss of a loved one, it gets better.

“I want you to celebrate life like never before. Let’s not get robbed of things we deserved by death.

“We only live once. Let’s live that once, living our best lives. Go out there and celebrate life with this music.”

Asked about how the subject matter on this album varies from his first one, he said on his debut album, he appreciated the gift of life, no matter what the ups and downs are.

“The pain, the happiness... just whatever it comes with.

“On this one, I am celebrating and living life to its full capacity,” he said.

“My sound is more mature than on my first. There’s growth and mad vibes. What an album.”


Though he couldn’t share much on the roll-out plan for ‘Itashipu’, the musician said he and his management team are working on setting things up.

In the meantime, an official listening party is scheduled for before the album drops.

“There’s a launch scheduled after the release and educational school tours too. We are announcing dates soonest. Please watch out for this information on my social media platforms.”

Ending the conversation with tjil, Vikta Juiceboy touched on the milestones he hopes to achieve with ‘Itashipu’, which entail gaining international appeal and ultimately an international audience.

“We have been trying as much as we can to perfect this album so it fits the worldwide sound. I dearly want this album to open international doors for me, push my socials and take me out to the world.

“We also want to use this album as an educational item for the young ones in schools. This is the album that’s going to help me change the culture. I can’t wait for the world to hear it,” he said.


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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