You demand, he supplies

Innovative and visionary

13 April 2021 | People

Gustav Nghipuilepo – “At this point, I am convinced that I carry the heart of an entrepreneur.”

Enzo Amuele

21-year-old Gustav Nghipuilepo has people’s needs at heart in terms of business branding, sales, marketing, transportation, graphic designs and project management.

These are the business elements his Demand and Supply currently specialises in. The entrepreneur Nghipuilepo remains positive that Demand and Supply will soon expand its services and merge into more business sectors.

Being in business for almost a year now, the young business-minded law student has been all about fulfilling and accepting everyone’s needs with his business named Demand and Supply.

Simple economics

According to Nghipuilepo, people will always demand to have their needs and wants met. Some of the needs and wants require one to evaluate someone’s business or any other form of supply that aligns or deals with economic services that will require his service.

“For example, every business requires a persuasive form of branding. Therefore, clients can demand business cards and business stickers, to market their business in a professional way that serves to build the brand of the products or services,” he says.

He says clients would always want their projects to be organised accordingly, and therefore, it is within his interest to meet the demand of such clients to the best of his business’s ability as one of the components that fall under his business is Project Management. Supply has to be met and he refers to this as simple economics.

Academic background

Innovative and visionary, Nghipuilepo is also pursuing a Bachelors in Law-LLB (Honors) degree at the University of Namibia.

“At this point, I am convinced that I carry the heart of an entrepreneur, Ever since I was in primary school, I always had means to go about and make a dollar out of anything,” he says.

Nghipuilepo says he was especially motivated by his late mom who was a business woman.

He adds that qualifying is very important as back up, in case business does not go well. And he can attest to it since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

New business

Hunger for success is how one could describe Nghipuilepo. He recently added a clothing line to his name that has been making waves all over the country.

The clothing line has a slogan written which is God, Money, Power, and Respect.

“It is the essence towards greatness, and I strongly believe that’s what we live up to,” he says.

Nghipuilepo’s Five Fun Facts

• He is a people person and interacts well with people whatever their age.

• He is a motivated, dedicated and focused young man with big dreams that he aspires to achieve in life.

• He is intelligent and a fast thinker.

• He is an extrovert and enjoys socialising and being around people.

• He enjoys conversing and debating, not with the aim of who’s right or wrong, but simply to hear from both sides and reach a meaningful conclusion with regards to the specific topic being discussed.

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