Ya thigwa pomutenya koshikungulu

14 November 2016 | Disasters

Oofamili dha thika puheyali odha thigwa pomutenya sho oombuli dhomagumbo gawo dha pepwako kombepo yoshikungulu ndjoka ya dhenge omudhingoloko gwEngela mOshitopolwa shaHangwena Etitatu lya piti.

Aanamagumbo mboka ngashiingeyi yeli momatungo gongeleka mEngela oya lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya iinima yawo oya yonagulwa komvula ndjoka ya loko sha landula sho iipekeki yomagumbo gawo ya pepwako kombepo.

Ombepo onene ndjoka yeendele mumwe nomvula oya yonagula oshindji momukunda ngoka sho iitayi yomiti ya monika ya halakana kehe pamwe pethimbo sho oshifokundnaeki shika sha talele po ehala ndyoka. Gumwe gwomwaamboka ya gumwa noonkondo omunamimvo 41, Fernando Ferquissa, omunangeshefa ngoka e na aanona yaali pamwe nomukulukadhi gwe.

Ferquissa okwa popi kutya, okwa longitha oshimaliwa sha thika poo-16 000 opo a longithe egumbo lyongeleka moka ya tembukile oomvula ndatu dha piti.

Ferquissa, ngoka e na ongeshefa yokutopaatopa oombapila mOshikango okwa popi kutya omanga ombepo inayi tameka okwa li a yi pegumbo opo a falepo eshina lyokuninga ookopi dhoombaapila ndyoka opo a landa mOshakati koshimaliwa sho-N$10 000.

Okwa popi kutya konima owala yethimbo efupi sho a zi mo megumbo, omukulukadhi gwe okwe mu dhengele ongodhi te mu lombwele kombinga yoshikungulu. Sho a yi kegumbo okwa adha iinima yawo ayihe yi li kohi yomeya.

Okwa popi kutya iinima yawo mbyoka ya kanitha ota fekele yongushu yoo-40 000. Omukwashigwana gumwe Nipu Lungameni, okwa hokolola kutya sho ombepo ya tameke okwe shi pondola okututila iinima ye yimwe megumbo lyakuume ke.

Oonakuninga iihakanwa mbyoka otaya pula eyambidhidho okuza moshigwana.


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