We need a true leader

13 January 2020 | Opinion

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

Namibian football is crying out for a man with integrity and the will to change the fortunes of the beautiful game in this country.

As many of us know by now, football in Namibia has gone south, and it will take a massive overhaul to get it running again.

Football regions are preparing to vote for their preferred candidate for the NFA presidency on 22 February.

We have 10 candidates nominated to stand for the biggest position in Namibian football.

Black Africa's acting chairman Cassius Moeti, the club's former chairman Ranga Haikali, NPL chairman Patrick Kauta and former NFA president Frans Mbidi have all been nominated.

The list continues with former NFA executive member Mpasi Haingura, former NPL chairperson Johnny Doeseb, former NFA vice-president Naftal Ngalangi, Isak Fredericks, Mabos Vries and Kenneth Goaseb.

It's no secret that candidates will be shortlisted after various integrity checks have been done.

There are also some I suspect will pull out of the race and throw their support behind who they believe is capable of winning.

To be honest, looking at this list, I am caught between a rock and a hard place about whom I actually believe is capable of leading football towards its glory days.

There are those I feel have had their chances within the structures of the game and must step aside for a new breed of leadership.

My concern is that we also run the risk of going back to the same place we were in two years ago if we re-elect individuals who've been at the helm before.

Everyone contesting for this position has their strengths, but weak points too that can destroy the beautiful game even further.

There are guys on this list who possess great leadership skills, but are so arrogant that they'll bring football into disrepute.

There are also those with great ideas and plans, but who lack honesty.

The list contains some people who believe it's their time to eat instead of doing the job as it needs to be done.

It is for these reasons I am still lost in my thoughts, hoping the next NFA leader will bring the change we all need in Namibian football.

Which is why it's important thatthose in the position to vote at congress should make decisions based on quality and not because of some golden handshakes behind closed doors.

The fact that the revival of the beautiful game will lie in the hands of one of these individuals makes it even more important to choose wisely.

I also feel that people must shy away from leadership that will only benefit a certain tribe.

It's imperative that the association's top positions are filled by a variety of tribes.

We all know that the NFA has in the past been tainted with some tribalism claims.

Football is something close to many people's hearts and brings joy to almost everyone.

It is indeed something that can be used as a unification tool, and not as a political playground where you can divide and rule.

I might belong to a certain race or tribe but I am no different from anyone who wants to see things done in a proper manner.

I advise those who lack football knowledge and administration skills to step aside and make way for someone capable of bringing change.

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